Baidu Currently in Talks with Known Automakers to Develop Electric Vehicles

Baidu Search Engine
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Chinese multinational technology company Baidu is reportedly planning to create and establish their very own electric vehicles, with the company in talks with several automakers.

The company has already established itself as China's leading multi tech company, where it offers and operates different kinds of services which are technology related. Currently they are well known for their top-notch search engine services, as well as their autonomous driving technology and internet connectivity infrastructures all around China.

According to reports, the company is currently on "preliminary talks" with such primed automakers and automobile companies such as Guangzhou Automobile, Zhejiang Geely Holding, and Hongqi of FAW Group Corporation wherein Baidu seeks on having a possible deal and partnership ventures with the auto companies.

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Although sources have told that Baidu considers the options of contract manufacturing, or fully developing and creating a venture where majority of the projected company would be of course, owned by Baidu.

Auto History of Baidu

Their autonomous vehicle technology, or autopilot driving technology was first seen and used in their own driving unit, with their own made and developed Apollo in the year 2017. The company since then has been supplying the technology which is operated and equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). Also, Baidu has seen work on projects shared with automaker companies and developers such as Volkswagen, Ford Motor, Geely, and Toyota Motor.

The company is also known all throughout the world and the industry of autopilot driving with the Go Robotaxi - an autonomously driving taxi service which they started operating this last October 2020. Yet with the fact that it utilizes autopilot driving, an on-board safety driver is always with the robotaxis for a more secured and safer ride. Currently the service has seen operations in the cities of Beijing, Changsha, and Cangzhou in China, and may expect expansions along the way to 30 more cities in China for the next three years.

The Growth of Electric Vehicle Scene

Reports of the company being interested on venturing to the electronic vehicle industry shortly began after fellow Chinese multi tech company Didi Chuxing Technology revealed and launched a purpose-built-van intended to provide service for known automaker BYD Company. The reveal then somehow sparked the plug for Baidu to eventually develop and create their own electric vehicles which could then be a contender on to the industry scene.

When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla could be considered as the top player currently in the commercial market and the whole electric vehicles industry in the whole world. The company currently is capped off with its market cap value of a tremendous amount of 554 billion USD.

Their commercial approach to the electric vehicle scene has brought a significant effect not just on their continuous rise in terms of their sales, but also for other companies as well to further develop concepts and projects which are more inclined to create electric vehicles bases for their upcoming automobile projects. Take it for Baidu as an example. 

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