Tesla Model X Crashes to Wall in South Korea, Car's Autopilot Driving Function Being Investigated

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A Tesla Model X crashed on to a wall in Seoul, South Korea. It has left a passenger dead and two were injured, according to reports from authorities.

The driver of the Tesla car mentioned to the police what have happened. According to the driver, the Model X crashed into a wall which has caused it to catch fire on a parking lot of an apartment building in Seoul on Wednesday. It took one hour in order to put out the fire that surfaced the vicinity brought about by the crash.

Forensic agency of the country of the crash will spearhead an investigation focusing on what had been the cause of the car crash. They will also investigate the car itself along with the South Korean transport ministry, in which the Tesla Model X, and the Tesla cars in general are equipped with the autonomous driving systems. And cases and accidents involving the function continue to toll up in the past and recent years.

Autopilot Driving Thorugh The Years

In an article where it reported about some of the accidents which involved Tesla's autopilot driving related accidents and deaths, it mentioned that there were seven deaths that was tallied up in 2020. The article also noted that from 2016, there have been 13 accidents resulting in 16 casualties in which it involved in the autopilot driving tech.

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Having zero deaths on the report may have seem a plus, but although considering that autopilot is not entirely being malfunctional or had glitches and whatsoever, the cases may also involve those who were really not paying attention on driving, those who were under the sole influence of alcohol, or even those who tend to fall asleep while driving or on the road. Autopilot may not be seen as a mere issue here.

Tesla's State on Autopilot

Although in January this year, reports by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the NHSTA state that the agency will somehow review and study a petition currently on the bail today. It asks the agency to conduct a formal investigation, and also to recall Tesla cars, vehicles and automobiles all over the country which could amount at at least 500,000 that are all inclined on unintended acceleration reports.

The petition being submerged on to the agency eventually covers and encompasses the year 2012 up until the year 2019. Cars and models of Tesla vehicles indicated were the Tesla Model S cars, Tesla Model X SUVs, and the Tesla Model 3 cars.

Yet reports by the car company themselves was released recently. In their very own Vehicle Safety Report for the third quarter of 2020, it showed that vehicles and cars from Tesla tend to be involved less on accidents in the roads of US, compared to the other vehicles which are only being equipped with manual or automatic driving systems. The report also mentioned that Tesla cars have experienced one accident on every 4.59 million miles of reach, concluding that it results on to a safer output.

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