Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Signs Deal with Spotify, Couple Launching Podcast Show Soon

Prince Harry and Meghan
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Prince Harry and wife Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from the British Royal family both agreed to sign a deal with world renowned music streaming platform Spotify to produce and host their very own podcasts.

According to reports by the platform itself, their upcoming podcasts will center and tell "uplifting and entertaining stories", where majority of the funds from the developed partnership between Spotify and the couple's very own production company Archewell Studio will be donated to Prince Harry and Meghan's charity.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Enormous Deals with Multiple Companies

News site Mirror Royal which was dedicated for news and updates about the British Royal family revealed that the couple's deal with Spotify is priced at an enormous amount of 30 million pounds, or 40 million USD. This is another blockbuster deal that the couple has agreed upon entering, where there are already existing deals that they already signed with other streaming platform companies as well.

Last September, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed a multiyear deal with Netflix, which most fans and critics consider as the number one video streaming platform subscription service available today in the world. The couple entered a staggering deal costing at around 100 million USD. It would then signify a pact where both of them will produce a variety of what labeled as "impactful" shows and series for the video streaming platform.

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Also, earlier this year way back in March, Meghan signed a deal with Disney's very own video streaming platform Disney Plus. She then voiced and narrated a wildlife documentary entitled "Elephant", in which she dubbed the whole movie. It was a docufilm about a story of the journey of a mother elephant with her child while traveling across the Kalahari Desert.

All About Their First Podcast

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, their first podcast would be dubbed and described as a holiday special. A trailer for the couple's upcoming podcast in Spotify was shown on the music streaming platform's own website. It shows the duke and duchess promoting the deal, describing that the upcoming project would serve as an instrument to "bring forward different perspectives and voices" which may still not be heard before, and "find our common ground."

Meghan on the other hand mentioned that their very first and pilot episode would eventually feature stories and memories of some people in which they are already having talks with. The guests are also expected to share their memories that "really helped shape this past year" which was difficult for everyone.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ceased their royal duties and obligations earlier this year, where afterwards they have moved to California where they are currently staying as of today. Since their departure from the UK, the couple kickstarted and launched different creative ventures specially to promote and secure deals for their Archewell Studio.

After the news of the couple signing to the music streaming giant brought an increase of 2 percent in its subscription list which have tallied a total of 144 million subscribers in a global scale.

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