Spotify Tests New Stories Feature With Video Messages from Renowned Music Artists

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Visual aspects such as pictures or videos that could be posted as a 'story' now makes its way to music streaming platform Spotify which now incorporates this feature on their app, testing its capabilities on a 'dry run' mode as of today.

Stories can now be viewed on Spotify. YouTuber and gaming content creator TmarTn discovered the newest feature of the music site giant after he went on a playlist entitled "Christmas Hits" that was suggested upon his search for Christmas songs in the app. But as he visited the playlist, he noticed that there was "tap to see story" icon on the profile picture of the app itself appearing on the said playlist. After tapping it he saw stories of multiple artists inviting people to listen and stream their Christmas songs, including Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez and Pentatonix.

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The tweet of the YouTube star now has a total of 2.3k likes and 690 retweets. It has spread across the social media and now people are starting to also use the newest added feature on Spotify. With Twitter also recently launched their stories-like feature called Fleets last November 17, this feature ais now somehow taking over most social media sites that are widely used all over the world.

The Early Days of the Stories Feature

The stories feature started with the emergence of Snapchat - a multimedia messaging app which was intended to be used a user-to-user photo or video sharing, but then shifted its focus when they highlighted and introduced the stories feature. Stories usually last up to 24 hours, and usually features a user's daily experience or whereabouts.

Now this concept has been widely adapted by some other social media companies and sites. Facebook incorporated this system with their "add to story/create a story" feature on their app. They can share photos, videos, or even the posts on their timelines as well as other posts on other timelines available within their reach. This was also incorporated to their partner app Messenger wherein stories posted on Facebook could be automatically seen on the Messenger app.

Instagram also has adapted this feature, calling it Instagram stories. Being a Facebook owned company, Instagram also allows user to have the option to automatically set their stories to be shared on Facebook, as well as Messenger. The Instagram stories feature however, has the "close friends" story option in which stories could only be viewed by a specific list that consists of a user's handpicked accounts.

Although the stories feature has found success on other platforms and social media sites, others are not yet convinced on its incorporation on Spotify. TmarTn himself mentioned in his tweet that this feature "has to stop." Other users are also calling for the stories to feature music suggestions, and not messages from artists.

The feature is still on its ongoing trial and testing stage. feedbacks from early users of this feature could somehow affect the future of this newly added feature. Yet now people may still enjoy it as it is still currently available for the users as of the moment.

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