Lamborghini SC20 Official Reveal: Roofless Supercar Has Insane Specs and Details

Lamborghini SC20
Photo : Screenshot from Carscoops' Official YouTube Channel

World renowned Italian automaker Lamborghini has revealed their SC20 supercar which features a V12 engine, in-depth details and design, and as well as the roofless characteristic - yes, it has no roof and no windshield.

The new car from the Italian automaking royalty was reported to be engineered by the Lamborghini Squadra Corse racing division, and the design was crafted and created by the known Centro Stile of the international architectural firm Design International.

Lamborghini also revealed that the car was commissioned to be made, and that the one to do so was fully involved in the whole process of designing it, even way back to the time that the designs were as early as a sketch. The final output and the whole product of the overall process turned out to be the one that they really wanted it to be. Precision and specification at its finest were seen all throughout the creation of the new Lamborghini headliner.

Details from the Official Reveal

The overall motif of the car is covered dominantly by a Bianco Fu white paint accent. Its white overalls could easily blend and encompass with the bright Blu Cephus along with the exposure of carbon-fiber accents.

Its huge carbon-fiber rear wing has the capability to be adjusted in a manual way. It could then be turned on to the three different directions and positions which it could be somehow transformed. Its rear, however, could be considered as the most subtle, and simplest part of the whole car. It is characterized by the LED taillights which are crafted in a hexagonal orientation, a big diffuser which is equipped on to it, and two exhaust tips which are both sized to be big on the rear itself.

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The car also on the other hand lacks a rear view mirror, meaning it may not have the usual way of piloting and maneuvering a car. Although it still utilizes the presence of its side mirrors, and the visibility hovered over the back and sides of the car itself could be labeled as more efficient than most Lamborghinis out there. Its door handles are made from solid aluminum while its air vents are all created through the process of 3D printing.

What's Inside the SC20

In the inside part and aspect of the car, the company has mentioned that the SC20 will incorporate the use of an aspirated 6.5-liter V12, which then could potentially turn the car up until a 759-horsepower mark along with a 531 pound-feet of torque. The newly designed car also was reported to take advantage of the seven-speed automated manual, and the all-wheel-drive system that could also be seen in the Lamborghini Aventador. It also suited up with wheels sized at 20 inches on the front end and 21-inch wheels at the rear end.

As of the moment of the writing there is still now word from the company on how fast the car potentially could be, along with its price tag upon the release. Yet car enthusiasts are already hyped up especially those who are avid fans of roofless cars.

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