'Fortnite' Updates with Daryl Dixon and Michonne Skins from 'The Walking Dead': Details, Prices, and More!

Fortnite Daryl Dixon and Michonne
Photo : Screenshot from Fortnite's Official YouTube Channel

Epic Games' hit online game "Fortnite" has now released their latest in-game update, and it includes the addition of their new skins depicting fictional characters Daryl Dixon and Michonne from world renowned American horror television series "The Walking Dead."

Details About the New Skins

Both of the new skins or outfits costs at around 1,800 V-bucks, the in-game currency used for microtransactions in the world of "Fortnite." There is also a promo in which players all around the world could purchase and grab both skins from the double pack available in the game's item shop, while being priced at 2,500 V-bucks.

Also, both skins would feature a new back-bling and pickaxe. It would present the known items and weapons used by the characters in the series where they both originated from. Daryl will be equipped with his knife, while Michonne will bring her famous katana as a part of her outfit.

The description for the official reveal which is shown on the game's official website that the addition of Daryl Dixon and Michonne which could be seen through the new skins presents as the "newest hunters to arrive in Fortnite", as the Walkers and Hunters already set in the game may have "something to fear."

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The description also mentioned that both the outfits of Daryl Dixon and Michonne would arrive in variant styles, dubbed as the "Desperado Daryl" and "Cloaked Michonne." It also stated that the Survivors in Arms set available in the item shop will include the Hunting Quiver for Daryl, and Katana Back Blings for Michonne.

The arrival of the Daryl Dixon and Michonne skin is just one of the skin additions that has seen collaboration with other existing franchises, which is heavily seen and experienced by the players of "Fortnite" who are purchasing in-game goods and items through payment of real-time money.

Fortnite Collaborations and Crossovers

"Fortnite" has been very fond of collaborations or crossovers with other established franchises, such as Marvel. The game's fourth season was filled with the arrival of multiple Marvel themed skins, outfits, and items. Characters from the Marvel comics universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well are featured and are still available in the item shop. It includes skins for Captain America, Star-Lord, Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Blade, and many more.

New leaks on the other hand were revealed, and future skins featuring Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Taskmaster may soon arrive at the world of "Fortnite." The Black Panther skin was also reported that it would be launched alongside a set of mission which would also cater extra bonuses.

The fifth season which is also the newest in-game season of Fortnite has seen the arrival of "The Mandalorian" from Star Wars as a playable character in the game as well. But not just it, "The Mandalorian" character himself will be joined by various known characters from different established franchises today, including the famous Master Chief from the "Halo" series of the Xbox consoles, and the demigod Kratos from the famous "God of War" series of games.

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