Chinese Drone Developer SZ DJI Continues to Sell Products Over US' Commerce Department Restriction List

SZ DJI Phantom 3
Photo : Screenshot from SZ DJI's Official YouTube Channel

With the trade list of some companies coming to other countries in the US, especially those of which are from China being restricted in the nation, most of the companies listed are seeing a ban of their products being shipped and sold to the US. Chinese drone developer and manufacturer SZ DJI claimed that their products will continue to be sold in the US commercial market despite of the list being implemented.

The trade blacklist came off after being approved by the present US government, in which could be considered one of the last implementations by current US President Donald Trump, who is labeled to be on a "ratchet of tension" with China during his now final weeks in the office.

US' Commerce Department Decision

A statement from the US' Commerce Department was officially released wherein they have mentioned that the move against the Chinese companies came from the China capital Beijing's actions and efforts. They are trying to develop and eventually execute "civilian technologies for military purposes", as well as to harness such evidence of moves and actions that was bridging the Chinese military with the Chinese companies listed.

Current US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross added that the department would not allow such US technology which could be considered as one of the most advanced to then help and contribute to the development of the military of the nation's "increasingly belligerent adversary."

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Although after all these actions and moves done by the US government headed by the Commerce Department, a representative from SZ DJI has provided an email statement, in which it said that their customers living in the US could still continue to purchase and use DJI products just like the usual way. Yet the email also included a statement in which it shows that the company itself was very disappointed with the US Department of Commerce's decision.

SZ DJI's Brief History

SZ DJI, or Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd. in full was founded in 2006 by its current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Frank Wang. It gained popularity and commercial attention when it launched and released their very firs developed drone which was the Phantom model way back 2013.

Phantom, although being an entry-level drone model was greatly received by the consumers due to its user-friendly characteristic compared to the other available drones in the market during the time span of its release.

The success of the company was then followed when they released a newer and much advanced drone model, named the Phantom 3. It was considered to be a much hit compared to its predecessor, due to its built-in live streaming camera. The success of the Phantom 3 landed SZ DJI to be the largest consumer drone company in the world during that time. In the same year, it also saw the birth of their then annual RoboMaster Robotics Competition which is an international collegiate robot combat tournament being held at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center.

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