Twitch Streamer xQc Clarifies the 'Cheats Folder' Seen During Game Stream

xQC's Stream
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Renowned Twitch video game streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel is once again in hot water after his recent live stream in which a folder in his desktop labeled as 'cheats folder' has been seen by his viewers, leaving people worried about what they maybe should not have seen in the first place.

His recent livestream showed that when xQc's desktop was seen, he seemed like he began to panic. Yet upon showing it, the video game streamer mentioned that he uses the Push-to-Mute option during the moment that he clicked it which then pulled up the desktop unintentionally.

What the Cheats Folder Actually Is

He then clarified that the folder labeled as his 'cheats folder' was originally a "Minecraft" mod folder, yet he quickly followed up and corrected himself. He mentioned that it was a folder containing "Minecraft" mod packs where he has a cheat folder of it according to him, but then realized that it was not a folder associated with "Minecraft" but a "Pokemon" folder rather. He also explained that upon downloading a game like "Pokemon" and at the same time a player has a randomizer, there would be something that would be called as 'cheats' which could potentially "make the game different."

His statement may seem on point as "Pokemon" randomizers being used on streams could contain a folder with the same name, and those randomizers along with the cheats folder could somehow change the course of the game on what might be considered as a way to cheat it. Doing a run with the randomizer requires a player to use a cheats folder. The folder is labeled cheats because, in any sense, the game is being cheated, even if it could make the game harder or easier.

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Although the video game streaming platform Twitch in which xQc streams regularly his game sessions has not yet issued a statement about thus or if they would really consider this as an accountability of violation by the streamer himself, xQc is no stranger when it comes to cheating allegations, wherein some of those were confirmed and determined, which led to sanctions given to him.

xQc's Recent Cheating Case

Last November during the annual Twitchcon's substitute event Glicthcon - the 12-hour virtual convention organized by the video game streaming platform themselves, xQc participated in a "Fall Guys" tournament which was a part of the Twitch Rivals tournament series. Yet it was determined after the game he joined that he 'stream sniped' during the course of the tournament.

Stream sniping is the act of players who simultaneously watches another player or rival's stream which could then provide potential advantage by watching his or her moves, allowing to calculate or formulate the next move that could be done by the steam sniper. xQc was suspended to join Twitch tournaments for six months following his actions that showed cheating during games. Another fellow video game streamer David Hunt aka "GrandPooBear" was also suspended during the "Fall Guys" tournament at Glitchcon, after doing the same actions xQc has done, and has also received the same punishment as well.

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