Top 5 Best Game-Winning Tips for Valorant

Top 5 Best Game-Winning Tips for Valorant
Photo : Top 5 Best Game-Winning Tips for Valorant

Long after the massive success of the League of Legends, Riot Games has launched their first FPS game "Valorant" this year on 2nd June. With the beta version release, the game gained way more popularity. In this game, different abilities come together with aiming. By using Valorant hacks, you will get some added edge to rank up the ladder.

If players are well adapted to Counter-Strike or other shooting games, they won't have to think about aiming as the mechanism is similar. However, they must invest some time initially to get familiarized with the gaming agents and their different roles and abilities. Here are 5 hacks for winning each Valiant match:

Learning About The Agent Pool

In the game, you will come across, 4 kinds of agent pool: Duelist, Controller, Sentinel and Initiator. While you are playing with your team, you should be playing with agents of various pools and not just one. If you play with different agents every time, you will be aware of their strengths and weaknesses yourself. It will also improve your playstyle along with a serious edge. In certain scenarios, when you play solo, you may find that another teammate has already taken your favourite agent. Therefore, you won't have any choice but to play with a new agent.

Understanding Timing And The Map

While defending the team, frequently checking the timer is important. So, when the spike gets dropped, you will be able to play the time game. However, do not get killed. Once you plant a spike, you must keep your enemies away from it for at least 45 seconds. It is possible to prevent a gunfight and still to win, as you play smart.

Placing the traps in the right places is a crucial role for a defender to trap an enemy. Also, it will help you slow the attacking team with the smoke at any site's entrance. One has to stay patient with their angle along with noticing the enemy footsteps. It is not a clever idea to set the traps in similar places every round. You must discover different areas in the maps and catch your enemies, off-guard.

Awareness About The Minimap

While you play Valorant, the minimap plays a crucial role. When your teammate locates an enemy, the minimap shows it, so you get to peek from another angle. Apart from showing the teammates and enemies, the minimap shows friendly walls and smokes all through the location. Therefore, there's no need to look at whether the smoke is there or not. Once the smoke dissolves, you can set another one.

Most players don't notice the footstep circle that's around them. These circles are the regions where the enemies can hear the footsteps. When you keep an eye on these small factors of the minimap, your gameplay improves.


Unlike most shooting games, Valorant doesn't always focus on getting the most kills. It's about team spirit. Do you wish to rush one round? You can simply ask your team members to flash every corner, giving you a safe entry inside the site. In case your agent is Sage, then she has the ultimate to resurrect. It will allow you to take up some risky actions initially. So, even if Sage dies once for the team, she will have a second life. Your team members are your support system in the game, and each one plays an important role.

Team's Economy

After each round of play, every team member must think about the economy of the team. In case your team loses one round, you should discuss whether everyone will go for "eco" round or not. "Eco" round means to play with low-priced guns and without any armour. 

As you save one round after the loss, you get to buy better gears during the next round. It will place you back on the winning track with better gears. However, in case the next round is crucial, then go for the half buy or a force buy. It is better to invest in better gear for a crucial match, instead of going with "eco" and then lose.


There come many situations, where you are the only one left alive in one round. In certain situations, you may not have any options to enter into the site for defusing it or planting the spike. In certain cases, you must leave the site and save your existing weapon. When you take this step, the weapon will get carried forward for the next round. 

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