New Boston Dynamics YouTube Video Shows Three Robots Dancing 'Do You Love Me'

Boston Dynamics' Atlas, Spot, and Handle
Photo : Screenshot from Boston Dynamics' Official YouTube Channel

American engineering and robotics design company Boston Dynamics has been known to showcase what could their own developed and made robots could do. It is then again seen in a video posted by the company itself which it showed three of their robots dancing to the tune of Do You Love Me.

Dancing to Do You Love Me

The robots in the video that was uploaded in video streaming site YouTube were Atlas, the dog robot Spot, and Handle. They were seen dancing to the tune of the Do You Love Me - the 1962 hit by African American soul singing group The Contours.

The video was uploaded in the official YouTube channel of Boston Dynamics just yesterday and has now already garnered almost 3 million views. It drew mixed comments and reactions from viewers, in which some find the video cute and amusing, yet some labeled the dancing of the robots as somewhat creepy. Yet the video still continues to grab views and is seen in the trending list of videos in the social media like site.

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The description of the video says that the whole crew of the company's robots has got together "to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year." They also greeted everyone and wished a happy new year from all of them in Boston Dynamics.

The Robots' Past Video Performances

The recently uploaded video is not the first time that the company presented and shown off their robots' dancing moves and grooves and uploaded it on YouTube. Boston Dynamics has already posted a video of one of their robots namely Spot (not the dog robot) which was the dancing to the tune and music of the 2015 dancing hit Uptown Funk by British-American producer Mark Ronson, along with the vocals of worldwide sensation Bruno Mars. The video which was uploaded on the same YouTube channel for already two years now has already earned over 7 million views in total.

Another yet impressive video by the company's robots featured almost 5-foot humanoid robot Atlas with its gymnastic skills being showcased. The video was uploaded just last year and now has a total of 12 million views. The robot performed various gymnastic tricks, such as a series of somersaults, jumps, twists, and topping it off a handstand. Its capability to understand how to explore and navigate through a complex obstacle course could also be seen, with the video was titled "More Parkour Atlas."

The dog robot named Spot could be characterized as an efficient robot dog. Aside from the fact that it could perform such groovy dance moves, it could also do such various tasks including opening the doors, herd some sheep, and to carry a bunch of heavy loads. Handle, the other robot from the dance video could utilize its ability to load boxes in warehouses - not juts ordinary boxes, but up to a heavy load of 30-pound boxes which could stack pallets with such ease and efficiency.

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