Apple to Release A 64-Core Super Processor for Mac--Leakers Reveal?

According to several leaks and reports, Apple is working on a super processor for its Mac computers with a whopping 64 cores. Sure, M1 MacBook Pro is the current fastest laptop Apple can offer right now, but its processor only has eight cores. Imagine how powerful it will be. 

This information came from Twitter user @LeaksApplePro, a known leaker among the community and one of the most trusted leakers and data miners for Apple products. The account has amassed almost 13k followers on Twitter. 

"64 cores lol. Will tell you soon. Can't tell you now. Good morning :)," the account writes

We would like to advise you to take this tweet with a pinch of salt, considering there are still no official words. However, if the rumor is spot on, that would be a monstrous and overpowered chip the world has ever seen and a significant threat to competitors like AMD and Intel.

Previously, @LeaksApplePro has successfully predicted the upcoming M-series 16-inch MacBook Pro's specifications with an M1X processor with eight high-performance cores backed with up to 64 GB of memory. 

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Full Specification and Release Date

The powerful super processor is expected to see the market during late 2021, leakers revealed. 

Interestingly, the timeline fits well with Bloomberg's official reports that indicate the well-curated and detailed Apple's plan for the M-series. While it's not exactly 62, 32 high-performance cores are still a jaw-dropping number for many. 

"For higher-end desktop computers, planned for later in 2021 and a new half-sized Mac Pro planned to launch by 2022, Apple is testing a chip design with as many as 32 high-performance cores," the report reads.

Plus, Apple aims to outclass all high-end laptops with their next line-up in terms of graphical capabilities. Bloomberg reports that it will be supported by 16 and 32-cores GPU. The current fastest MacBook, M1, has a 7-core GPU for Air and 8-core for Pro to put things into perspective. 

More Apple News

That said, even if the rumor ends up a spot on, these new super processors will be super pricey and used by high-end servers that require a powerfully-equipped chip and GPU. With the MacBook M1 release not too long ago, it's interesting how this rumor will fit Apple's upcoming schedule. 

"For later in 2021 or potentially 2022, Apple is working on pricier graphics upgrades with 64 and 128 dedicated cores aimed at its highest-end machines, the people said. Those graphics chips would be several times faster than the current graphics modules Apple uses from Nvidia and AMD in its Intel-powered hardware," the report ends. 

In other news, the January sales are still in full swing, including on the brand-new M1 MacBook Pro laptop on Amazon. Now, it saves you at least $100 off on the marketplace, depending on your region. 

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