AxiomTek's AIE100-903-FL-NX AI Edge System: NVIDIA Carmel ARM GPU, Specs, How to Pre-Order, and More Details

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The world of PC juts got in for a treat as PC parts manufacturer AxiomTek has formally launched and introduced their new and upcoming AIE100-903-FL-NX AI Edge System which is a high-performance system unit suited for long games and PC runs.

AIE100-903-FL-NX AI Edge System Specs 

The new system developed by the Taiwanese company itself will utilize the use of a six-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM processor along with a 384-core NVIDIA Volta GPU which would total an amount of forty-eight Tensor cores. The device would have the capability to cater such smart retail environments as well as Edge AI applications available as it can be cost-effective and appropriate as its partner.

The AIE100-903-FL-NX AI Edge System would be equipped with the NVIDIA Jetson, as well as the Xavier NX module which will have a six-core processor along with a Volta graphics card which can encompass another total amount of forty-eight Tensor cores. The device equipped would then allow the use of the Allxon DMS, or Allxon Device Management Solutions which is set to give a simplified device management solution for the system to run on a real-time, more hands-on and organized control on various devices.

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The DMS could also provide a rapid deployment and integration on different and multiple operating systems available, a could management capacity which could be accessed remotely, and could potentially reduce system downtime as well its maintenance costs.

 The new and upcoming system would also come along with two USP 3.0 ports, a single HDMI port, two RJ45 jack with one RJ45 jack featuring PoE for up to 15 watts.

Waterproof and Fanless

Yet another feature and characteristic that could define the moment once the upcoming system will be released to the public would have been its waterproof and fanless design. It could resist unexpected water outpourings from the environment, and also especially if it the system would then be placed somewhere where an air condition unit is near that may leak some water, and also some other devices which could involve water such as dispensers and coolers. All of these could be possible through the integration of the waterproof IP42-rated cover kit for enhanced protection.

The product manager of the PM Division of the company, Annie Fu, described that the rugged design of the upcoming new system unit itself may allow the ultra-compact edge computing device to operate in "harsh environments", especially those which are set on a wide range of temperatures varying from as low as -30 degrees Celsius up to +50 degrees Celsius, and could also withstand some kind of vibration which could go up to 3 Grms.

Also, the device itself could be operated on almost any environment and setting due to its operating humidity range set in a span of then percent up to ninety-five percent. It implies that water going to the device would just then remain as water vapor because of the relative humidity needed in order to be it to become non-condensing.

The AIE100-903-FL-NX AI Edge System is now available for pre-order in the official website of AxiomTek where the specs could also be seen at the same time. 

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