PS5 Restock GameStop: Website Crashing Infuriates Users and That's Not the Worst Part Yet

As Sony launched its next-gen console, PS5, several fans were lucky enough to join the pre-order last November. As the pandemic hit, restocking PS5 has been more and more challenging than ever, especially for retailers like GameStop.

However, the gaming retail company did manage to roll out a couple of new PS5 batches recently, but the whole process was a shipwreck. Not only did it cause issues with the website, but stocks depleted before users could make the purchase.

As reported initially by ComicBook, "GameStop" began trending on Twitter not too long ago, and many believe that bots play a big part in this chaos. It's also worth noting that the stocks have replenished by reading this because fans went ham in literal minutes.

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PS5 Restock at Gamestop Turns into Chaos: User Reactions

Several users have taken into social media to further detail about GameStop website crashes.

For whatever reason, GameStop has accidentally blocked some users' IPs from accessing its website. Others couldn't even place the order because they kept getting an error message from putting it in the cart.

"I know this GameStop drop may be frustrating, but keep refreshing. All links show me "pre-order," but many see "unavailable." They will feed stock every few minutes. Remember to keep refreshing. You've got this. Good luck!," one user writes.

The process keeps getting hairy because there is almost no way GameStop and Sony, as the console's developer, could stop bots and scalpers with huge bankrolls from buying up the entire stock to jack up the price.

"This entire process is gross. #gamestop, #bestbuy, #walmart, #antonline, #playstation, and others. Should just be able to pre-order instead of refreshing my browser for 2 months. I'd be fine waiting a month or 2 to get it if it meant I could stop searching out these drops," other voices their discontent.

When Will PS5 Restock?

There is no official answer to this one-billion-dollar question, but reports revealed that Sony would restock PS5 in the upcoming weeks. As everyone is hyped for Sony's next-gen console, the Japanese-based company is gearing up to sell over 14 million copies in the forthcoming months.

"Retailers are expecting stock to arrive for orders on the 7th January.If the stock hasn't arrived by then, we could be waiting until the 12th & 14th for retailers to get stock due to Brexit and shipments its a bit of a sh*t show. #PS5," PlayStation news leaker @DualSensor tweets. The account has amassed over 34,4k followers on the social media platform.

Up to this writing, Sony has sold at least four million copies of PS5 worldwide. Once Sony rolls out another batch of restocks, fans from every corner of the world could get their hands on PS5 through trusted online or physical retailers.

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