Premium Bandai Released Pokemon Gengar With Extra Soft Plush Tongue

Tired after a full day of work or study? Premium Bandai rolled out a gigantic Pokemon Gengar plush that could swallow you as a whole with its enormous tongue. It looks like any ordinary Pokemon plushies merchandise, but with a giant tongue that can roll out from its mouth. 

As noted from Nintendo Enthusiast with a little bit of trust to Google Translate, the dimension of the all-new Sleeping Companion is 48cm x 55cm x 53cm, with a 170 cm-length tongue. Made from polyester, Bandai targets fans from the age of 15 and above. 

"It will be hard to keep them away though, as this thing is as cute as it is extremely bizarre. You might have a bit of a difficult time getting your hands on it though, as, with the pandemic still raging, getting items to ship from Japan can be quite costly - when it is possible at all," the report reads. 

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Where and How Much to Buy?

Suppose you want to get your Pokemon Sleeping Companion. In that case, the preorder period starts from today (January 8) through the Premium Bandai website, and it will ship at the latest as of June 2021. Plus, it's a bit expensive as Gengar push costs at least 25,950 Japanese yen or $249 in the US dollar currency. 

As of this writing, the preorder opens only for fans in Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, and the US. There is no word about expanding to Canada, the Americas, or Europe, but you may still view Bandai's overseas product catalog here

"Pokémon products sold on Premium Bandai have never come to their international site, and the same fate probably awaits Gengar as well," PokeJungle notes. 

Unfortunately, Gengar has already been sold out within minutes, but it's safe to expect more restock coming soon. Check out the preorder page here.

Most Popular Pokemon

Since its release in the 1990s, Gengar has undoubtedly become one of the most popular Pokemon in the culture that attracts several model kits, t-shirts, cards, and figures. Alongside Gastly and Haunter, Gengar is easily one of the few Ghost-type Pokemon in the franchise. 

With a roundish body and dark purple complexion, the bipedal Pokemon is easily one of the cutest fan favorites. Its wide-mouth usually curls into a sinister grin. Despite its adorable design, Gengar is a dangerous and mischievous creature. 

Gengar has appeared in most media-related Pokemon, from manga to video games. The latest title, "Pokemon Sword and Shield," was released in 2019 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. It is currently the world's largest media franchise with tons of anime hits, movies, merchandise, and spin-off games, including global phenomenon "Pokemon Go," which amassed over 1 billion downloads. 

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