New 'Fortnite' Tournament Displays Twitter Exposure Up for Grabs for Players Competing

Fortnite Tournament
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"Fortnite" tournaments all over the world could be considered not new anymore as the game's popularity maintained as stable all throughout the years since it was released in 2017 by Epic Games. And as reported by entertainment news website Screenrant, a new tournament series for the game dubbed as "Friday Night Bragging Rights" will soon roll on for the Fortnite community - wherein players would then compete for a chance to have an exposure on social media site and platform Twitter.

The New and Upocming Tournament

The newest tournament series by "Fortnite" will utilize the system of conducting the games every Friday wherein winners from those games would be prized and compensated through exposure on the Twitter account dedicated for the game itself.

Even from an anonymous player up to an already established one, all participants for the tournament would have an equal chance of winning and then potentially or eventually living up to the prize wherein their names could be known all across the globe, with "Fortnite's" popularity seen entirely in the world today. Players may grow their following and fan base through the exposure that might be given to them.

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With other games, especially first-person shooter or FPS games such as the legendary "CS: GO", Blizzard's "Overwatch", and the world-renowned "Call of Duty" series of games holding tournaments on their own which are more inclined with players that belong on various eSports organizations and teams, this is where "Fortnite" comes out as a difference maker.

Anyone from the players of the game itself, no matter what background he or she has, and even a professional player or just a casual one, the competitive scene could be shaken off with just one snap as any player, literally any player from the globe may participate in their competitions and tournaments as long as he or she has what it takes to become a top "Fortnite" player - skills. And the prizes at stake ate just like those which are being given to the professional video gaming and eSports scene.

Rise of 'Fortnite' Personalities 

The game of "Fortnite" has already proven its success when it comes on producing some of the world's most renowned video game streamers and content creators especially in the top video game streaming platform in the world today Twitch. Dubbed as Twitch's most popular streamer, Ninja is dominating the whole Twitch community with his enormous amount of following, listed at 16.5 million followers on his streaming channel and account.

Ninja was then a professional player of "Fortnite" and is widely considered as the most popular player to ever play the game, and already in the legendary status as hailed by some. He even now got his very won Fortnite skin which was inspired from himself as reported by The Verge. Now he is exploring on various games as his name is already marked in the world of video game streaming in which he began by playing the game of "Fortnite." And with the upcoming tournament being organized, someone may follow Ninja's footsteps.

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