Sonos Users Shift Music Streaming Platform as Google Discontinues Play Music; Shifts to YouTube Music

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Sonos customers and users may now have a hard time to access music as multi tech giant Google has now 'pulled the plug,' to their Play Music store according to news website, in which all of the former's devices heavily rely on the latter's now discontinued music service.

The move by Google has rooted from their decision to promote the music streaming platform of their now owned company YouTube which is originally a video streaming platform and social media-esque site. Called the YouTube Music, it will now be implemented and supported by the Sonos smart speakers.

From Google Play Music to YouTube Music

They can now access music through the usage of the new music streaming platform available for the smart speakers of the company. Yet this may cause a hard time for some as the Sonos app which will be responsible for running YouTube Music would then cater this accessing of their digital library of albums, tracks, and playlists for those who are subscribed with the paid version of the platform itself. Those who are using YouTube Music in its free version may be unable to play and run their tracks and music on any of their Sonos devices.

Also, another thing that could be missed entirely by Sonos users would be the option of Google Play Music to play a track or song through a wireless modem or way. YouTube Music on the other hand does not have that kind of option and could be a minus factor again for the new music option for the already established Google Play Music speakers.

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Sonos speakers first used and relied on the utilization of the Google Play Music ever since music streaming apps and software became a thing for such devices that they are offering. The music app service created by Google themselves was one of the first music streaming apps, and ahs been dubbed as one of the early rivals of Apple's known music streaming store and app iTunes.

The Shift's Disadvantage

An interesting factor which the Google Play Music has offered was the capability of the app (meaning for the Android OS users) to upload their own tracks which they have already purchased on other music streaming platforms or stores, which includes the iTunes and those from Amazon. They can access those from the build-in cloud storage from Google Play Music anytime and anywhere in the world.

Yet the company who developed the music streaming platform were also the ones who are responsible for pulling the plug and discontinuing it from now on. They have shifted their focus and a-game to the YouTube Music streaming platform which are now seeing rivalry with other primed music streaming apps and platforms, especially the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. All of those are also not in favor of supporting obscure songs, in which could be potentially located and found in Google Play Music.

The move may affect only a few percentage of all the Sonos users in the world, but those who heavily relied on Google Play Music would really have a hard time on coping up with the situation this somewhat 'advancement' for Google is dealing off. 

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