CES 2021: Earin's A-3 Could Be Dubbed as the World's 'Smallest and Lightest Earbuds'

Earin A-3
Photo : Screenshot from Earin's Official YouTube Channel

Earin - a Swedish headphones developer and manufacturer has unveiled their upcoming A-3 true wireless earbuds in the on-going CES 2021, in which their new offering could be dubbed as the 'smallest and lightest' wireless earbuds ever.

American tech website Tom's Guide has mentioned that the company demonstrated their own developed earbuds in the event, with its groundbreaking design in which it would not adopt the in-ear tip form of its predecessor, the A-2 earbuds, as well as former AirPods-esque structure that was previously utilized on their older models.

They have declared that their new earphone model, which they would prefer to be called as the Earin True Wireless Earbuds, could become the "smallest and lightest" headphones ever made in the world today.

A-3 Earbuds Specs and Features

As listed by tech news website Make Use Of (MUO), each piece of the earbud is being measured at a size of .79 x 0.67 x 0.62 inches (20 x 17 x 15.8 mm) and weighs only 0.12 oz (3.5 grams).  But then despite its tiny overall size, the company has been able to squeeze what the earbuds can offer which other bigger earphones and earbuds may seem to have trouble in incorporating on its use.

Some of the most notable characteristics of their new earbuds include its custom built 14.3mm driver, along with the accelerometer which would be placed on both pieces of the earbuds itself. It can give access to the user to just simply tap or press any part of the earbuds in which it could register a control input by any case that the user may miss the touch-sensitive part of the device.

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It can provide the capability to pick up vibrations from the user's head as he or she would speak. Also, a microphone input is being equipped within the earbuds which could then enhance and improve the voice quality of its user whenever a call would be done, and the earbuds would be used as well. Being an IP52 standard rated earbud device, the latest Earin addition could be less prone on dust, water, and sweat resistance, although it may not be able to protect itself from high-pressure sprays.

Another thing which the A-3 earbuds can offer is its capacity to detect and identify whether which side or which ear it is being placed. Yet both of the earbud pieces could fit on any of the ears of its users, which would only then assign if it is on the right or left channel when it is already being placed on to the ears. This factor can greatly be utilized and maximized as it would save time on just knowing whether the earphones or earbuds is being placed on its proper and corresponding positions.

Release Date and Price

Its charging time may go up to five hours if it would be charged at a full rate and capacity, and with a total of thirty hours if it would be with the charging case. The upcoming Earin A-3 True Wireless Earbuds is set to be released in the first quarter of 2021 and will be priced at 199 USD. 

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