Why Your Website Speed is Even More Important Than Ever

Why Your Website Speed is Even More Important Than Ever
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How important website speed is has been a hot topic for the last ten years and people still agree to disagree about it. Some think it is of little to no relevance, whereas others believe it is an essential factor and should be given more attention. 

Even various big brands have conducted tests to check the effects of website speed on their business. For example, Amazon ran some tests, which illustrated that it would lose $1.6 Billion every year if its website is slow even by one second. Hence page load speed is relevant and important today as it was never before since the majority of the people are investing in online businesses, affiliate websites, and blogging. 

As a webmaster, you must understand how critical it is to run a successful online business with tons of traffic. It should be your top priority to optimize your website for ultimate loading speed across the world. 

No matter if you're running a blog, online store, or business portal, it must render under three seconds. However, some webmasters still ignore it; that's why we'll highlight why page load speed is even crucial.

Key Advantages of a Fast Loading Website

Let's start by discussing the major benefits of a fast loading site.

Better User Experience

Now if your blog or site loads faster, it automatically gets a little approval from users and they start surfing different pages happily, but it goes beyond that. Studies have shown that fast loading websites appear professional, secured, and authentic to their visitors. At the same time, the slow speed seems insecure, unsafe, and even fraudulent to users. 

Moreover, 40% of the people will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to render completely. Can you afford to lose 40% of your potential customers? Suppose 100,000 users visit your site each month but if it loads in 4 seconds, you would lose 40,000 (40%) potential clients. People might be willing to wait a little longer for established websites like Google or Facebook, but small businesses and organizations do not stand a chance if their websites load slower than 3 seconds.

More Sales Means High Profit

When your business site loads quickly, it enhances the customer experience and makes them believe that you are a legit company. It increases your authenticity as well as professionalism in the eyes of positional clients and they are more likely to buy from you. In other words, it helps gain more sales that means more profit.

This is an essential tip for new and small businesses who are struggling to get extra sales. If your website loads slowly, the consumers will abandon and you'll surely lose sales. Optimizing your online store or ecommerce business for enhanced speed is also depends on your web host. That's why you should opt-in for the fastest web hosting company, backed by SSDs, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced server optimization techniques to ensure a speedy browsing experience.

Enhance your Google Ranking

Since 2010 Google has been using page speed as one of the determining factors in SERP ranking. Google makes sure that your website is efficient, quick, and informational before sending crawlers to it. In fact, Google has crawl budget limitations for each website; it reduces crawling requests for a slow server taking more than three seconds to retrieve information.

No crawling results in no indexing in Google or any other search engine databases, ultimately no ranking. Search engine ranking depends on hundreds of factors and speed is one of them, so make sure the lowest possible latency. You will surely be awarded with higher ranking by Google compared to slow pages to some extent. You cannot control most other ranking factors but this one is in your hands, don't let it affect your organic traffic when the market is so competitive. If your site gets higher search exposure than your competitors, you'll get more traffic and winning prospects.

Higher Conversion Rates

Internet users stay on rapid loading websites for a longer period of time and either sign up or buy products resulting in higher conversion rates. If users simply bounce off your site without staying for long you'll have a low conversion rate, undoubtedly. 

The internet is full of alternatives, your potential visitors will leave after a few seconds of wait and head over to other options related to your business or product. This is the most competitive era when it comes to business, no one can afford losing a single customer, right?

Effects of Slow Speed

Let's put some light on cons of not having a speedy website.

A slow site is likely to have less traffic, fewer visitors, and fewer leads. So, slow speed may be throttling your online businesses and chance of success. It is best to optimize your online properties every once in a while to ensure your online business operates smoothly and you make some sales.

On the other hand, it also drastically affect the SERP ranking of your blog, affiliate websites, and brand position in search pages. You need to make sure under an acceptable load time if you wish to rank higher on any search engine.

How To Improve the Speed of Your Website?

There are various ways of optimizing the speed of your sites. But experts recommend some simple ways of improvement which we will share with you. 

Analyze Your Site Speed

First, try to measure the speed of your website with various tools. You can use online tools like GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, Webpagetest, or ByteCheck to measure speed. All these online platforms help analyze your web properties, but also suggest tips to enhance performance.

Run a Malware Test

Malware and viruses can decrease the speed so it's better to run some malware tests. Plus, if you're working with WordPress software, do update it regularly. You should update all themes and plugins to avoid vulnerabilities or security issues. Clean up the viruses if found any and other unnecessary cache to lighten it up.

Set up Server Cache

It is quite easy to install and set up a WordPress cache plugin such as W3Total Cache, WP-Rocket or SuperCacher. All you have to do is install anyone from these, configure settings, and you're good to go. These are excellent plugins for enhancing your website's speed without messing with technical server stuff.

Activate ClouldFlare

CloudFlare is a freemium CDN platform that offers not only premium plans but a free one too, using which one can create an account and opt-in for a free plan. It's quite enough to speed-up midsized websites drastically. Configuring your website with CloudFlare is super easy and hassle-free.

Contact Your Hosting Provider

You may need to contact your web hosting provider if your website's loading time does not improve even after following the steps described above. Consider moving your website to a more capable host if the issue persists even after complaining to the hosting provider.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, website speed is not something that can be brushed aside lightly. It affects search ranking, conversion rates, user experience, and even sales hence it's important. It can cause considerable damage if ignored as unimportant. 

To run a successful eCommerce site, affiliate website, or even blogging page you need your website to be fast and efficient. Don't compromise when it comes to page speed or you might end up gaining nothing.

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