Porsche Boxster 25 Edition Revealed in New YouTube Video: Car's Specs, Features, Price, Release Date, and More!

Porsche Boxster 25 Edition
Photo : Screenshot from Porsche's Official YouTube Channel

Porsche has shown off their latest and upcoming addition to their already long ling of renowned car units and models through a video posted on the car company's official YouTube channel. It may not be really a new type of model, but it may somehow be regarded as a commemorative model as it will be released in lien to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the mid-engine sportscar by the company themselves.

Porsche Boxster 25 Specs and Features

The design of the limited-edition model is based on the original Boxster car concept that saw its launch to the public way back 1993 in the Detroit Auto Show. Car and auto news and updates website Carscoops has reported that some of the upcoming celebratory car model's most notable parts on its exterior and outside aspects includes its paint that is inspired with a copper-colored paint motif as being seen on its front parts, as well as the side exteriors of the car itself.

Another signature factor from the original Boxster design from '93 is its 20-inch alloy wheels that is rampant and an established thing for the Boxster car series. Yet to signify that the model is the 25th anniversary edition, a Boxster 25' badge is being included and could be very visible as the unique symbolism that great implies that it is indeed a limited-edition one.

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Aside form the exterior, its interior can also make the fans excited as it will feature 14-way power sets, as well as Porsche's established and known Active Suspension Management adaptive dampers, steering wheel which was 'heated', and the available tech for such torque-vectoring along with a differential that is being touched with a mechanical limited-slip.

The chassis and system parts include the 4.0-liter fat-six engine which is aspirated in an organic way and will power up the overall car itself. It was also the system being utilized on the original 718 Boxster GTS capped off with a capability of up to 394 horsepower.

Other Details Including Price and Release Date

Yet in the video that was posted just last January 13 and now has almost 67,000 views in total, only the sports car utilizing a GT Silver metallic brand has been showed despite the announcement that the upcoming car will also be available and offered as a Jet-Black metallic car, as well as a Carrara White metallic one.

The original Porsche Boxster was seen on the road officially as a car that was driven by the fans and users in 1996, although it first hit the US market in 1997. According to news and entertainment website Cnet, the upcoming edition of the Boxster could indeed be considered as a 'milestone worth celebrating',

A total of up to 1,250 units of the upcoming limited-edition model would be available for sale in the world. It will be priced at a starting rate of 99,950 USD in the US in which it includes another 1,350 for the destination. The first batch of deliveries will come by Spring of this year.

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