'The Flash' Season 7 Spoilers: Godspeed's Formal Debut, Graphic Novel Format Announced, and More!

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"The Flash" season 7 will soon make its way to the TV scene once again, dating February 3 as its official return. And fans are already gearing up for its arrival, yet some are being engage as early as now regarding possible spoilers and speculations.

Entertainment website dedicated for tv and movie news and updates TV Line has reported some of the possible rumors that may take place in the show itself. Based on the official trailer of the newest installment of the series in the DC FanDome, one of the show's characters, Iris, was shown that she was somehow being taunted by what could be considered as a "broken mind" provided by an alleged doppelganger from the Mirrorverse.

The Formal Debut of Godspeed; New Villain on the Rise

Another rumor that may seem to be seeing confirmation would be about Godspeed. He was first teased during the season 5 of The Flash, when Nora, the daughter of Barry and Iris, defeated the sinister speedster along with the support of Eobard Thawne who was imprisoned by that time. Also, in season 6, Godspeed might have appeared and got damaged by Barry, yet it was then being a fake one.

Now, The Flash producer Eric Wallace has finally confirmed through TV Line that the true Godspeed will appear this coming season. He also teased a possible connection between Flash and Godspeed, wherein Wallace has described him as someone who has no 'emotional connection' to the hero, yet he is being established as someone that is angry and mad with Barry.

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Season 7 will bring a new villain - in the form of Mark Stevens aka Chillblaine. Actor Jon Cor, who is also known to star in the 2016 hit supernatural drama series "Shadowhunters" as per entertainment website Digital Spy, will portray the role of the villain. His role in the DC series is described as a 'charismatic bad boy obsessed with cryogenic technology' according to the official write-up and description for the new season. Another note about the character is that he is a heartbreaker - with his 'irresistible charm and roguish style' being a factor, along with his own cold weapons when he is in combat and battle.

Season 6 to Season 7 Carry-Overs, Including the Graphic Novel Format

Originally announced in March of last year, Kayla Compton and Brandon McKnight will both become series regulars starting this upcoming season. They will continue their roles as the citizen reporter Allegra Garcia for Compton, while McKnight's role as the geeky tech expert Chester P. Runk would also make his return to the DC show title.

And probably a major factor that was seen originally in season 6 is the "graphic novel" format, wherein last season's "Graphic Novel Number 1" has paved the way for the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event which was a crossover for both the entities involved. The second graphic novel, "Graphic Novel Number 2" has then revolved on the evolution of Eva McCulloch as the newest Mirror Master. Wallace has then confirmed that season 7 will carry through this format as well, and fans may expect more graphic novels for the rest for the coming season.

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