Google Announces Agreement to Compensate French Publishers for Using Their Online Content

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Google has announced that it entered an agreement and signed a new deal between a group of French publishers for the purpose of overseeing copyrights, in which the company will pay the publishers for the online content to be released.

The move was enforced by the regulators in France which saw the start of negotiations between the two parties. This was after an already prolonged contention that has brought Google to remove all of the news previews by the publishers during one point of the ongoing talks back then.

Google's Agreement with the French Publishers

The company has now set deals and agreements among six newspaper websites and magazine websites, in which it includes the national dailies Le Monde and Le Figaro by November of last year. Yet they are still continuing to pursue negotiations with other websites and publishers, like press agency Agence France Press or AFP, as well as other magazine website publishers from the country.

Engadget has listed that the framework of the agreement has been given to Google and the group of the French publishers known to as Alliance de la presse d'information Générale or the APIG. Yet despite this taking effect at the soonest possible time, the payments will still undergo individual negotiations among the publishers. It will be based around such certain criteria being implemented, such as the number of unique visitors on the sites per day, as well as the amount of stories or articles to be published every day, and the classification of political or general information.

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US News also reported that both parties did not give or disclose any information on how much would then be given along with the emergence of the said agreement. It will be comprised of local and national publishers from the country, and they will receive the payment from Google as long as they would comprehend and abide by the agreement rules and criteria. The way of calculating the amount of money the group of publishers would receive was also not given.

The History of the Google and French Publishers' Negotiations

During the time that the agreement took place, there was no certain way by which the multi tech giant would then pay the publishers intended for the content they are releasing online. Google also pointed out that the fact that they are helping and doing what they can to increase the online traffic for those publishers and websites is already a plus for them.

Another note is that most press publishers "allowed" Google to their licenses of utilizing their online content without being paid. With these being taken into consideration, the authority from France has given a spark to the argument, where they fought back and returned with a statement in which they mentioned that a continuing decline to the online traffic has been occurring to their websites and may still urge to continue if it was not because of the agreement that has been signed by both entities involved.

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