Amazon's Alexa Guard Plus Arrives in the US: Features, Details, and More!

Alexa Guard Plus
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Amazon's Alexa Guard Plus subscription has now went live in the US, and the service could just provide a more intensive and in-depth security grasp for devices and appliances run by Amazon's well-known artificial intelligence or AI, Alexa.

Alexa Guard Plus Features

Engdaget has reported that the subscription-based security service would be a paid option in which users of the Alexa Guard would then have access for more features along with the already Premium version of the security service which is originally a free one. Some of the features in which the high-end version of Alexa Guard offers to the public include the access to such emergency services, such as the capability of the AI to detect possible intruders from taking on a certain secured area.

Other features that are listed by the service itself also include the possibility of the service to then make some of the devices inclined with the Amazon brand, such as the Echo smart speakers as well as the displays to become home security devices being powered by Amazon Alexa Guard Plus. This is such a big addition by which those devices and gadgets that are not intended for such security purposes could now become one courtesy of the paid subscription version.

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Alexa Guard Plus may also allow its subscribers to direct Alexa some actions, such as to call the emergency hotline when it is needed. It lists a variety of emergency purposes, ranging from medical, fire, or even up to direct police assistance as well. Another thing Alexa could also do now is its capacity to locate and detect the sounds of various activities and actions being done inside the house even if those who are staying and living on it would not be present at times. It could fire up a siren where it may make such noises and alarms if it could detect one.

The dog bark option is also now available for Alexa, where it can play and mimic the sounds of the dogs which are barking right from the speakers. It could be possible if the speakers would be then connected on to the security cameras being places and set outside the premises of the house's interior, where it could be possible upon the detection of such motions of the cameras, or even just outside the door.

Bonus Features and How to Set Up Alexa Guard Plus

Other features brought about by the Alexa Guard Plus also specify the Proactive Hunches option, which could let Alexa to perform actions based on the previously performed actions done by the user who utilized it. The Energy Dashboard on the other hand, can provide information for the users about the energy that was already used and consumed by the smart home devices connected to the app.

Setting up the Alexa Guard Plus could be as simple as accessing the Alexa Guard service app through the owner's or users' smartphone or device. The must open the app itself and proceed on going right through the Home screen. By tapping the More, they must select the Settings, and when the Guard icon is present, they must click it. And the steps would then follow as being instructed by the app.

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