'FIFA 21' Launches Free Loot for Amazon Prime Gaming Subscribers; Player Pick and Rare Gold Items Included

FIFA 21 Gameplay
Photo : Screenshot from EA SPORTS FIFA's Official YouTube Channel

"FIFA 21" will be giving away a bunch of free goodies for its players all across the globe who are subscribed to the Amazon Prime subscription service, particularly on their video game offering platform Prime Gaming.

The news about the free loot of items and drops has been reported by PC Games. It is also said that the total amount of drops would be set at nine where it encompasses a range of items and picks - and the coming one would just be the first offering given away in what could be hailed as the world's top and most popular football-based video game.

'FIFA 21' Loot Goodies for Prime Gaming Subscribers

Some of the items being included in the free loot soon to be available in "FIFA 21" list the Player Pick item that has an 81+ overall rating incline don to it, four Rare Gold Player items which could be used by players especially for matches, and players items themed with the Team of the Year. All of those would be available through game packs only in a limited time.

Yet as much as fans all throughout the world would be excited about the confirmation of the loot just being around the corner in no time, only those who are subscribed with the Amazon Prime Gaming would be eligible for obtaining and enjoying the prized loot. Although some may access it through the free 30-day trial offer by the subscription service itself, and players may get to keep all of the video games they may wish to try on and pick throughout the duration of their free trial period.

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In order to do so, the users should be able to link their Amazon account, as well as their Twitch account in which they would use to stream and view video gaming content on the actual streaming platform itself. Upon doing so would grant the players the guaranteed loot containing those mentioned rewards and prizes above. Aside from it, players may also be able to redeem free PC games, and both the available rewards could be accessed on the Prime Gaming loot page that is being updated from time to time showing the newest and latest video game freebies and stuff.

Prime Gaming Freebies

As reported by Techradar, the nine free loots and drops making their way to the video game would be part of the collaborative partnership between Amazon Prime Gaming and "FIFA 21." Every month starting this January up until August of this year, players who are subscribed to the Amazon gaming service would be then able to secure their free loot packs containing various items for players to enjoy and try on, as well to boost their teams to catch on victories during matches.

Prime Gaming subscribers are also entitled to some free bundles and packs from other games, such as the "Fall Guys" free bundle, and various free in-game content for games such as "League of Legends," "Grand Theft Auto Online," "Apex Legends," "Roblox," and many more.  

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