Android 12 Beta Updates, Features, Release Date: Here's a List of Supported Devices

It's that time of the year again. It's about time we see a new Android version, dubbed 'Android 12,' since we saw Android 11 (API 30) last year. 

Although there is only very little known about the version, there should be a plethora of updates coming to Android devices. To put things into comparison, as TechRadar noted, Google launched 'Developer Preview' in February, and here's hoping that the tech giant will follow the same time frame this year.

So, what are the new features, and when will Google released beta? Keep on reading because here is everything we know so far about the upcoming Android 12. 

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Highlighted Features

The bad news is, there isn't a lot to be dug regarding the update because we do not have a developer preview at the time of this writing, and Google is doing a pretty good job at preventing leaks. Fortunately, as Tom's Guide noted, here are some reasonable assumptions about the newest update. 

After appearing in the Android 11 beta builds, Google excluded the double-tap gesture from the final product because many users found it sensitive. It's safe to expect the motion to make a comeback this year, but in a much better mechanism and with a toggle option to turn it on or off. 

Another rumored feature is App Pairs, which allows you to multitask and open two apps at the same time. Although this isn't an entirely new feature on Android phones, it's okay if Google rectifies the latest update to make it official. Like Samsung Galaxy Z, several Android phone models nowadays are foldable, giving this feature a much better use. 

Supported Devices and Release Date

Just like the previous lineups, Android 12 will be available on the latest flagship devices, including Samsung Galaxy S21, Google Pixel 3 and above, and OnePlus 9. Unfortunately, that also means the Pixel 2 and its variants will not receive Android 12.

When? Here's some guess. The last two versions came in September: Android 10 on September 3, 2019, and its successor on September 8, 2020. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Google still managed to hit the September release date, so here's hoping for the full update releasing in that month. 

How about the beta? Well, we can expect a publicly-accessed beta is coming soon. Last year, Android 11's Developer Previews came out mid-February with a monthly update following up until the full version release.

However, if you only have one device, we wouldn't recommend downloading the Developer Preview once it is available. As Google gradually issues updates within months, Developer Previews often break and make your device unusable. Even though it's fun to be among the first users of Android 12, Developer Previews are meant for app devs to see if their apps are ready for the final release.

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