Apple watchOS 7.3 Update: Unity Face Support, Other Fetaures, and More!

Apple Watch Series 6
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Apple has just announced that it will release the watchOS 7.3, which would be the latest version of their Apple Watch's operating system that they have established for years already. It will come along with various new system support and features, including the Unity face support.

Apple Insider has reported the news that the newest watchOS update will bring the usual stuff being included on their regular system updates, such as bug fixes on some technical issues surrounding the system overall, as well as user experience enhancements for the users of the world-renowned smartwatch all over the world.

Apple watchOS 7.3's Unity Face Support

Yet this new update by Apple will also bring along the Unity face support, in which was described that it was inspired from a Pan-African Flag - or also known as the Afro-American flag, or the likes of the Black Liberation-flag, the UNIA-flag, and various other names. It is a tri-color flag comprised of the colors red, black, and green being set on horizontal bands from top to bottom. Other options of colors that would be available through the new update's feature would also include the colors of yellow, as well as the option for gray.

Apple has described the new feature that the shapes could change all throughout the day whenever the user would move or perform an action, which would then lead to create a face that would be unique for him or her.

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Another innovation being brought by the updated watchOS 7.3 would be the added support such as fixes and updates for the recently released Time to Walk feature for those who are subscribed in the Apple Fitness+, or the subscription-based added service for Apple Fitness priced at around 10 USD per month, or the other package costed at 80 USD per year.

Other Updates, Including the Time to Walk and ECG Fetaures

The Time to Walk feature is an audio experience for Apple Fitness where there would be audio clips from guests invited by Apple to share their inspiring stories and testimonies which could allow the smartwatch users to listen to those while walking. The guests range from a variety of athletes, music artists, and many other influential people that have those unique and inspiring experiences through the years.

The patch notes of the latest update also include the confirmation that the ECG, or the electrocardiogram feature by Apple (as reported by 9T05Mac) would be entering such expansion to four added countries that would see the availability of the watchOS 7.3. It lists Japan, Mayotte, Philippines, and Thailand as the countries that would be able to obtain those irregular heart rhythm notifications in the smartwatch.

Below are the full patch notes from the watchOS 7.3 update by Apple:

  • Unity watch face inspired by the colors of the Pan-African Flag, the shapes change throughout the day as you move creating a face that's unique to you
  • Time to Walk for Apple Fitness+ subscribers "an audio experience in the Workout app where guests share inspiring stories as you walk
  • ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4 or later in Japan, Mayotte, Philippines, and Thailand
  • Irregular heart rhythm notifications in Japan, Mayotte, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand
  • Fix for an issue where Control Center and Notification Center may be unresponsive when Zoom is enabled

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