'League of Legends Patch 11.4:' What Shall Fans Expect From the Upcoming Game Update

"League of Legends," just like any other online video games, is regularly receiving game updates, which makes them no stranger in the meta shifting of champions in the game. Most champions in the game receive either receive such buffs or nerfs, depending on the need in order to balance the champions that are used by players all around the world. Also, there are sometimes new champions that could debut those game updates, making the meta more interesting than ever.

The upcoming game update, which would be the game's patch 11.4, is set to arrive next still with no specific or confirmed date as of writing this story. Yet with the current and ongoing things happening in the game's atmosphere, some are already wishing or eyeing various game changes or additions to improve the game further and balance the current meta of champions.

What Fans May Want to See in 'League of Legends' Patch 11.4

DBLTAP has listed some of the things fans would want to see or experience once patch 11.4 would be implemented in the game in no time. One of those would be for the aspect of buffs, where fans would favor to see champions such as Sejuani to be one.

Sejuani is a known jungler in "League of Legends," catering such armor for protection and further defense against possible enemies. This may seem to slow her pace, especially with the fast jungle gaming that has been rampant in the game for a long time. Getting buffs from jungle monsters as early as possible is often regarded as the name of the game, and Sejuani getting a speed buff (on all available aspects) could potentially make her a viable jungler - where her profound defense can also be an advantage along with the faster phasing (if possible, with the buffs).

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But with the buffs being into the occasion also comes the desired nerfs or lowering down of certain skill and in-game stats, effects, or aspects for various champions in the game. Some of those include Viego, one of the newest champions released in the game. The jungler champion has been knocking games ever since he became available, with his skills that may outperform the earlier junglers in "League of Legends." Some nerf for the champion could balance the jungler rotation at some point. With him still being a new champion could make his overpowered state acceptable at this moment.

State of ADCs plus Other News

Some fans from the gaming community are also very interested in playing and trying on a new ADC or marksman champion. ADCs seem to lower in pick rates in both professional and casual high-ranking play. Adding a new ADC in the game may change the state of ADCs in the game.

With all of these being considered, fans can hope for the coming update to be as effective as the other ones. Yet as mentioned by VPEsports, the previous patch 11.3 may be the biggest game update for this year already. 

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