'League of Legends': Some of the Game's Worst Junglers

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The latest update for Riot Games' "League of Legends" which is the Patch 11.1 has brought along new game content such as new skins, and fixed multiple bugs and issues that were interfering with the players' experience. Another major aspect that is primarily seen when patch updates in LoL are being implemented is the buffing and nerfing of some of the game's champions in order to balance the current meta happening.

The gameplay of LoL revolves around the factor of teamplay, wherein two teams of five players would go on to face each other inside the multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA. 5 on 5 MOBA could be somewhat compared to the game of basketball, as each player in a team (as represented by their champion in the game) has a specific role that they must fulfill to work together and synergize with one another.

One of the game roles, the junglers, already suggest what they do in-game - to beat monsters in the jungle to gain buffs and coins to strengthen and power up the jungler itself. Junglers then take part in combats in almost every lane, where they usually score the kills or help the laners to clear waves of minions.

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With the patch 11.1 being live as of this week, some jungler champion in LoL either got buffed, nerfed, or just kept their current in-game and skill state. Yet here are some of the junglers which could be dubbed as the 'worst' by known video game website DBLTAP:


Also known as the Bashful Bloom, Lilia could be considered as a weak champion during the early stages of the game. As a jungler, her slow movement speed may cause her to be beaten down especially with champions that can stun opponents even just for a couple of seconds. Using Lilia requires such skill or experience in order to prevent snowballing which she may undergo, primarily in the jungle.


Nidalee is one of the oldest champions in LoL, being released in 2009. For almost 12 years she has been utilized more as a jungler yet doing this depends on the player's ability to learn how to use her properly due to the technicality of her skills which focuses on surprise attacks and maximizing movement as well as hiding in the bush primarily in the jungle.


Shaco the Demon Jester could be deadly and has the potential to deal tons of damage but this would take a lot of time for players to master because if not, then there would only be a little amount of damage that can be inflicted to the enemies. Utilizing his Jack in the Box skill may provide various effects and of course, damage, although it must be placed properly and precisely, with the jungle being probably the best place to use and hide it.


Good or average as a solo attacker (yet it requires skill) but if used in teamplays especially as someone who would head the attack, Rek'Sai may not be as effective as ever. Snowballing may be one factor that could cause her to be an integral loss to the team she belongs.

Lee Sin

At last but not the least, Lee Sin, the famous Blind Monk in LoL and one of the most popular champions in general has left his mark as a great damage dealer, but is also being known as someone who heavily relies on 'ganking' or other teammate's help in order to reach his full potential as a damager. Despite being a jungler, putting him on the opponent team's jungler, especially in the likes of Master Yi (even nerfed this last update as reported by Daily eSports GG) or Shyvana, there is a big chance that Lee Sin would lost completely, as his stability is a factor to consider. 

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