After Super Bowl LV, GTA 6 Trended on Twitter for no Reason

Another day, another moment of "GTA 6" being a Twitter trend. This time, it followed The Weeknd's performance at the Super Bowl LV halftime show where Tom Brady won his 7th title over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. 

If you're looking to find out if The Weeknd or Rockstar jumped into the Super Bowl hype to announce the game, TL;DR, it's a no. As Comicbook noted, the trend came out of the blue, and many fans were disappointed. 

"If I go to GTA 6 on trending and don't see a trailer I'm done," one Twitter user writes. Another also reminds everyone that Rockstar has never said any word about GTA 6, and it's confusing why fans would always think there's going to be a GTA 6 trailer every Super Bowl.  

Before After Hours singer took the stage, many suggested that The Weeknd would somehow be involved with the game development. With leaks suggested the game would take place in Vice City, The Weeknd's last-year anthem "Blinding Lights" could be a perfect tune to the game. 

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Is GTA 6 Coming?

However, there's also a Reddit thread dated three days ago which detailed GTA 6 leaks from 4chan user AMA that got taken down. This could be the reason why GTA 6 went trending on Twitter out of nowhere. 

According to the leaks, Rockstar is aiming for October 2023 release. It will embrace the "chapter system" similar to "Red Dead Redemption 2," with the first two being set in the late 1970s. 

Speaking of the storyline, the leaker claims that it will be the most impactful, narrative-driven GTA game ever, and it's even better than GTA IV, although not as quite as good as RDR 2. The main story is set to be 60 hours long, unlike RDR2 where it takes at least 100 hours to finish. 

Unlike the previous "Grand Theft Auto" title, "GTA 6" will only feature one male protagonist. Codenamed "Ricardo," he will be a 34-year-old 6'1' Italian "white male" with a "sun-kissed" tan and jet black hair, something similar to Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City. The leakers also confirmed that there was supposed to be a female protagonist, but Rockstar scrapped the idea in 2017. 

More Leaks

Furthermore, the leaks also revealed that Rockstar is technically "remastering" the 2010's "Red Dead Redemption," and it's coming before GTA 6. 

Dan Houser, Rockstar's game writer of "GTA IV," "GTA V," "Red Dead Redemption 2," and many others, have decided to take a step back from the company due to exhaustion from RDR2 extensive crunch. 

It's best to take these leaks with a grain of salt, as their credibility should be questioned over time. It's interesting, nevertheless, and here's hoping that one or two could be spot-on by the time of its release. 

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