'Fortnite' Legend Ninja Teases Leaving the Game as 'Stream-Sniping' in Twitch Continues

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"Fortnite's" legendary player Tyler Blevins who is famously known as 'Ninja' has been dubbed as the most popular streamer in video game streaming app and platform Twitch. But with the 'stream-sniping' instances that are occurring in various matches of different games in the platform itself, he may back down from "Fortnite" if this would still go on.

IGN Southeast Asia has mentioned the 29-year-old streamer's remarks about potentially leaving the game where he rose to stardom way back in 2017. He was one of the earliest Twitch streamers and content creators to play the then newly released "Fortnite" by Epic Games. Ever since he started playing it, his fan base on the streaming platform grew to a massive 500,000 followers. Now, he has more than 16 million followers in Twitch, where he could be considered as the number one streamer there.

Ninja's Take on Stream-Sniping

But due to the numerous stream-sniping incidents through the course of streaming games in the platform, he has then made a statement on how it could affect and cause him to leave the game of "Fortnite" if it will still push through and carry on in the coming days, months, or years. He also claimed that he is a victim of such form of cheating per se and mentioned that he does not want to experience those anymore, as well as for the other victims of it.

Stream-sniping is the act of players that are currently playing a game - whether he or she is joining a tournament or casual play, and then he or she would eventually sneak into a fellow opponent's live stream, and some form of sniping could be done. Instances of this somehow form of cheating are very rampant in Twitch, as well as in other video game streaming or even on social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube.

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This act could be considered as an already common thing in "Fortnite," wherein those stream-snipers can take advantage of being knowledgeable about their opponents' location and positions inside the game they are playing. It can them be the root for various aspects in the game, gaining such advantage such as the loots or boxes in the game wherein the stream-sniper can grab those in a faster note.

Banned Twitch Players Because of Stream-Sniping

This kind of behavior towards other players were also seen not just in some casual players and streamers but also on professional players that were a part of official game tournaments being conducted and facilitated in Twitch.

Last November during the substitute event for the annual 'TwitchCon', dubbed as the 'GlitchCon', a Fall Guys tournament was held. Two of the players that joined, namely known streamers Felix "xQc" Lengyel and David "GrandPooBear" Hunt were accused of doing the stream-sniping. They were proven guilty by Twitch themselves, and both of those players were punished by a six-month suspension for joining tournaments as well as other gaming events, Shacknews reports.

As of the moment of the writing, Ninja still has not backed his statement. He could be serious though, as the act of stream-sniping could really be an inappropriate one. 

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