E3 Goes Full Online in 2021 Comeback: Steam, Epic Games Store, and Other Participating Companies Revealed

E3 2021
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E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo has been established as one of the biggest trade events for the video game industry. And this year's edition of the event will go full online for fans and viewers all around the world to look through.

NME has listed that the much-anticipated event will be going on a full online slate due to the fact that the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 various is still out there. And as much as possible, people all across the globe are still being encouraged to stay at home especially with the new variant of the virus spreading throughout almost everywhere today.

E3 2021 Online Event

The event will be spearheaded by the Entertainment Software Association or the ESA. Through the years, ESA has invited some of the world's biggest and established game developers, as well as video game distribution channels and publishers to take part with the event seen as a convention type. Also, some of the up-and-coming game-inclined companies and startups would also make its way as a participant in the event itself.

The original convention-type of event wherein people from all sorts of places arrive and participate with the latest game offerings available from those companies could only be possible in a regular state wherein there is no pandemic, but now people would arrive online to be a part of the event.

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Some of the participating video game distribution channels include the likes of the Epic Games Store from "Fortnite" creators Epic Games, GOG, and Steam. Various video game demos would be available for all those who are participating to see and to experience. As described by some of the fans from the gaming community, this year's online event for the E3 could be an innovative and much interesting way of presenting those games that could be played by everyone once it would hit the download stores.

Online Events Since the COVID-19 Pandemic

The emergence of utilizing the online platforms as a means to deliver some of the most anticipated video game and tech events was really seen as one good alternative option for the physical convention-type events through the years. Last November, the annual TwitchCon - which is the convention event organized by video gaming streaming platform Twitch also went full online with their GlitchCon. It was a 12-hour telethon event which ran on the actual streaming platform itself. There were a handful of video gaming events and presentations that served as the alternative for the usual trade event.

Another one that saw a full-online experience was this year's CES or the International Consumer Electronics Show. Some of the most anticipated tech including gadgets and devices from companies all around the world were presented in the event that also utilized an online experience through the video conferencing app Microsoft Teams (ZDNet).

The E3 2021 event will run online from June 15 to 17 catering a 12-hour stream per day. There will also be a preview night by June 14 for the event itself. 

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