Elon Musk Discussed How Aribags Could Be Safer Than Seatbelts, Debunks Car Rating

Elon Musk Discussed how Aribags Could be Safer than Seatbelts and Debunks the Car Rating
Elon Musk Discussed how Aribags Could be Safer than Seatbelts and Debunks the Car Rating Photo : Screenshot From PowerfulJRE Official YouTube Channel

Elon Musk, the now richest man in the world who is also arguably more popular than before as his mere tweets had large effects on the market has just made another appearance on the popular Joe Rogan show. While his previous appearance saw a lot of attention, his recent appearance after the recent accomplishment had more details to offer about SpaceX, Tesla, and even Neuralink.

Elon Musk Joe Roga podcast

In a certain segment of the podcast on the Joe Rogan Experience exclusive on Spotify, both Joe Rogan and Elon Musk were discussing cars focusing on Tesla. Within the conversation of speeds and models, the topic shifted into talking about car safety in which Elon Musk provided some insights to. 

Elon Musk actually revealed that seatbelts were not always favored in the past and historically, there were some protests against the use of seatbelts and that a number of people have died due to the lack of seatbelts alone. Instead of focusing more on seatbelts, however, the Tesla CEO then said that airbags are actually much safer in comparison to seatbelts.

Elon Musk Tesla airbags

Elon Musk suggested that with the right airbag technology, cars would no longer need to use seatbelts since there are certain advantages of airbags as opposed to seatbelts. Elon Musk then noted that Tesla technology allows the Tesla vehicles to update exactly how their airbags will deploy depending on the passengers location as well as weight distribution. This would then provided maximum safety for the passenger.

According to the Tesla CEO's statement, it's now very dynamically updating the said airbag firing according to where the passenger is seating and even how much they weigh in real time. It was also said that the Tesla airbags are so good that it will no longer matter if the passenger or driver would be wearing a seatbelt since it reportedly won't be making a significant difference anymore if accidents happen.

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Elon Musk on car safety ratings

Elon Musk then clarified that the Tesla vehicles do have the lowest probability of injury in comparison to any car that was ever tested. After sharing more about Tesla and its safety, Joe Rogan than asked more about star ratings for cars. Elon Musk then revealed that those stars aren't really that useful.

Elon Musk made sure to clarify that generally, bigger cars are safer than small cars. He then noted that let's say a small car with five star rating in terms of safety would go head to head with a big car with a one star rating, in the end, the bigger car would win either way. Elon Musk then noted that it is actually legal to sell one star cars in the United States. 

He then expressed how Tesla is not only focusing on the electric side of car manufacturing but also the safety side of it as well. Other notes are available on PodcastNotes.

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