How to Improve Your Phone's Battery Lifespan

How to Improve Your Phone's Battery Lifespan
How to Improve Your Phone's Battery Lifespan Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website

Although it's important to use the smartphone battery wisely in order to help boost the total lifespan, it's also important to know other things that can help improve the overall battery lifespan of the phone when recharging and handling in order to prevent some other damages.

The current lithium-ion batteries now theoretically support about an average of about 500 up to 1000 charging cycles before actually giving up the whole ghost for good. Here are a few tips to help improve the overall battery life of a smartphone for as long as actually possible according to an article by The Star.

1. Don't charge up to 100%

In general, there's actually no need to reach 100% when charging a smartphone battery every time that it is recharged. Instead, it is more ideal to leave the smartphone at just about 80% Similarly, it's also good to avoid totally depleting battery life before charging. Draining out the battery completely before charging is not advisable and it's better to charge when the smartphone hits 30% instead.

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2. No full cycles

It's actually neither recommended nor useful to wait for the battery to go under 5% before recharging. In fact, doing a full cycle starting from 0% up to 100% is only advisable when the particular smartphone mobile display does not seem like it corresponds with reality anymore (in worst case scenarios, if 20% or 30% could indicate that the phone will soon shut down).

3. No overnight charging

This is one of the common ways that smartphone users are abusing the battery life of their smartphones. It is important to unplug the smartphone whenever the battery hits 100% in order to prevent some possible damage to the components which can be tough to fix. Plugging in the smartphone before bed then proceeding to unplug it when it is fully charged in the morning is at all times not advisable. One technique to buy a timer outlet that would automatically turn off after a period of time. Set the timer to turn off when the phone is estimated to be close to full.

4. No overheating

It's advisable to make sure that the smartphone won't exceed about 45 degrees celsius when it is charging. This obviously means that it isn't advisable to do really heavy work on the smartphone like play games when it is charging. Also, charging directly under the sun is really bad as well. Basically, when charging, leave the wifi off and allow the phone to charge before using it.

Other tips from PCMag suggest that brighter screens could also contribute to damages on the phone's battery as it also affects the temperature. Of course, there's no need to exaggerate the screen brightness in certain places that the screen can still be seen. Reserve bright screens only when needed and leave it on relatively low on other times.

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