10 Tips For Beginners In Escape From Tarkov

10 Tips For Beginners In Escape From Tarkov
Photo : 10 Tips For Beginners In Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is trending these days! Players who have indulged in it have become crazy about it! If you are a new one, then you must be in utter chaos. And, it may seem a complex and stringent game! But, you cannot leave it as it is! Because you are feeling inclined towards it! No worries! Here's a bunch of Tarkov cheats and tips that will help you escape from Tarkov.        

But to get your hands on success in escaping from Tarkov, you have to get to know the game first!  

What's This Game All About?

Imagine yourself stuck on the battleground, and the war is on the peak! You have to fight and win the game before your life ends. As a logic, battle runs between two groups; you can join either USEC or BEAR. 

It's a multiplayer game, and you've to fight with other players and survive it! Also, Hold on! You have to take care of yourself too! Save yourself from dying by taking care of your hunger and blood pressure level! And for you to make it, surpass the hideout tarkov.

All these things make the game more complicated and hard to win! Trigger the gun and get ready!

Follow One Direction:

If you are flying from one map to another, then stop! It is the mistake that's hindering your growth and making it difficult for you to master the game! Use maps from therapists and get to know everything and every location about it! Also, stick to one plan and keep a grasp on loot locations and stashes! Mastering a map increases your chances of survival and makes you a better player. 

Flock Together:  

Playing the game alone is extremely fun for sure! But, playing it together with your buddies or siblings is more fun-filled and joyous! Look for a group of like-minded people and begin the game! It's safer as you have supporters and people who care for you! If you find none, Join the clan directly from the game and interact through game chats!   

Insure Your Gear:

Invest in insurance and get yourself secured. And how can you do this? You can achieve it by insuring your gear! It comes with a cost, but it's worth it! Your gear will be returned to you after your loss unless the opponents loot it. Remember, you have only 72 hours in hand to get back your stuff as soon as the insurer contacts you.       

Health Is Wealth:

Keep an eye on your health! You have a point of 435 in total! The scores are spread between your head, stomach, thorax, hands, and legs. While you get hurt, you'll find a color representing your wounds. If it shows grey, it means tolerable! Red means you must get yourself treated. Now, comes the danger, Black! If it is black, then it means you are doomed. 

Medical Supplies:

No matter what you have in hand or not, keep a handful of medical supplies with you to thrive better! In case of black wounds, you are left with nothing to proceed until you have some kits! CMS or Surgical Kit is a must-have one! Hold on to it!  

Body Armor:

It's one of the vital stuff required to survive the game! There are six varieties of armor but, you can keep up with the cheapest one too! Don't worry too much about it! Higher ones are considered more useless. So, refrain from falling for it! 

Focus On Sound:

Sound is a very tricky part of the game! Leave about striking a shot. It makes a sound even if you are just aiming a gun at somebody. Your steps make noise too! You can prefer walking on the grass and never make the mistake of sprinting unless it's an emergency. Pick up your headset and indulge all your senses in the game to be alive and especially, lend your ears perfectly! 

Optimize Your Containers:

Make use of secure containers to stash your important stuff. They are the only safe place where you can just hide all your earnings that you have looted from your previous raid and also your gear! Nobody can lay their hands on it even if you die! Optimize them in the best way possible to protect your valuables!   

Have Your Map Always Ready: 

Don't get lost without a map. It may not sound important! But, this isn't! Getting lost makes you confident, and there are chances of loss of life! While playing offline, too, keep a check on your maps. 


There are countless tips and tricks for Escape in Tarkov, but these simple ones can help you kick-start as a better beginner without getting confused. Stay connected for more updates.

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