'HearthStone' 2021 Expansion Pack: Blizzard Entertainment's Plans and Everything You Need to Know!

The BlizzCon 2021 has unveiled a new teaser for "HearthStone" and it signifies a massive change in the game, particularly with an Expansion Pack for this year that could potentially change the gameplay. According to Blizzard's initial plans and revelations, the expansion pack would not be the same as the regular ones, as it would feature something new.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The popular card game that features the heroes from the "World of Warcraft," "HearthStone," has been teasing a new expansion for the game that could change the game's landscape and gameplay as teased by Blizzard. The developers have been brewing something new which would make 2021's expansion take a turn for the better and improve everything.

Blizzard Entertainment has not released much information from their BlizzCon release with Hearthstone, along with the teaser that only shows several iconic information and details. Because of the start of the new year, Blizzard would also impose a new season for "HearthStone," where players could start from their awarded tier and play their way to the top.

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'HearthStone' 2021 Expansion Pack: Everything You Need to Know

Activision Blizzard Breaks Silence on 'Hearthstone' Gamer's Suspension
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Activision Blizzard Breaks Silence on 'Hearthstone' Gamer's Suspension

Since Blizzard and BlizzCon's latest teaser trailer for "HearthStone" was released, the "Quill You Be Ready" video has already gathered buzz and speculations on where the setting of the expansion pack would be. There are two elements in the appearance and the name alone, which suggests the next location and plot of the expansion pack.

First, the "Quill" in the title's name suggests that "HearthStone's" 2021 Expansion Pack would be centered on the Quillboar Race that happens in the Barrens location. Also, the trailer shows an adventurer with only a torch, who travels a sandy area, which is speculated to be set in Kalimdor, which happens to also be in the Barrens.

Moreover, the character was in the savannah area which managed to be surrounded by a Horde logo around him, which fully confirms the next location and possible content of the Expansion Pack for 2021.

'HearthStone' 2021: New Season

According to GameSpot, Blizzard would also be debuting the regular Season change for "HearthStone" along with the expansion pack that is yet to come for the game. Moreover, Blizzard has dubbed 2021 as the "Year of the Phoenix" which was previously showcased in the calendar showing the content that would come this year.

These three new expansions would include Ashes of Outland, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, and Scholomance Academy, which would be the central themes, according to speculations. Bonus updates are also expected to come anywhere in the season, as it awaits different modes including the Duel in Darkmoon Faire.

'HearthStone' Expansion Pack: New Core Set

The largest change for "HearthStone" this year would be the new Core Set which differs from the Classic and Basic set or decks that are widely available for all users. The change in the deck and cards would allow "HearthStone" to have more flexibility and equal opportunities for players of any background.

The Core Set would begin this year and would continue to reshuffle in the coming years, making "HearthStone" a unique game that would present new content annually.

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