'Pokemon Red' on Twitter Avatars Gets Attacked by 'Team Rocket' Trolls

Users have been playing "Pokemon Red" via old consoles including restored Game Boys and smartphone emulator apps that are widely available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, a new mode of gaming was introduced in the move-based Pokemon game via Twitter user's avatar, which was now attacked by "Team Rocket" trolls.

Pokemon Red Twitter Avatar
(Photo : Constantin Liétard via Twitter @screenshakes)
Constantin Lietard introduces a new way of gaming with Pokemon Red and the Twitter community. Here, they control the actions via the thread and the moves are reflected via the Twitter avatar.

Yes, you heard that right, a massive group of Twitter users has been playing the classic "Pokemon Red" game that is on black and white in the Game Boy Advanced (or in this case, black and green) via social media. The display photo of the user who hosts the game changes every 15 seconds or so after commands were given via group voting.

The most number of commands would be taken, and would then be used to move in the actual game, and be reflected via the Twitter avatar or profile picture of the host. A user called Constantin Liétard via Twitter (@screenshakes) is the host of the "Pokemon Red" game that has started an avatar-based game last January 9.

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'Pokemon Red' on Twitter Avatar: Attacked by 'Team Rocket' Trolls

According to Explica's report, the game started earlier this year, as Liétard hosted the game which has continued the adventures, missions, and quests around Generation I in the Kanto region. The game captures the nostalgic and iconic pocket monsters with Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and others.

(Photo : Youtube)

People have been entertained and have spent countless hours participating in the game which has already progressed massively, as the team was made up AMAYBE (Blastoise), ABBPRI (Graveler), CHAD (Fearow) DHY (Jolteon), TPP (Snorlax), and Kadabra. These Pokemon are in the evolved top-versions already, which means that the Twitter avatar gamers have already invested a lot.

Team Rocket Trolls Released Pokemon

Sadly, the AMAYBE, ABBPRI, CHAD, DHY, and TPP were released from ownership after most of the players who participated were either away or asleep at the time. The perpetrators have identified themselves as "Team Rocket," which are also considered to be trolls of the game.

According to Constantin Liétard, the only Pokemon that was left after the attack was Kadabra (who is now Alakazam), as the server obeys the commands of the trolls despite maligning the game. The "attack" and trolling happened in the early morning of February 12, which disappointed the fans who have been following the progress of the game.

Pokemon Twitter Avatar Trainers Did not Give Up

Despite losing most of its top-tier and well cared for Pokemon, the community of Twitter avatar gamers did not give up and strived to continue the game. After several days, the group has managed to evolve Kadabra to Alakazam and capture five other recruits.

The new Pokemon include highly-prolific characters in the manga and game series, including Vileplume (CURSE), Rhyhorn (A), Doduo (LUKE), Lapras (HOPE), and Krabby (AAAAAAA).

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