YouTube TV Announces New Add-On Option for 4K Streaming and Offline Viewing

YouTube TV Announces New Add-On Option for 4K Streaming and Offline Viewing
YouTube TV Announces New Add-On Option for 4K Streaming and Offline Viewing Photo : Screenshot From TheRenderQ YouTube

YouTube TV has just announced that it is bringing a number of premium features to its service. When it comes to really digging for the best over-the-top live TV service for certain cord-cutters, subscription cost is usually at the top of the list for most of the concerned consumers.

Is YouTube TV a good deal? 

An article by Gizmodo, suggests that features are just as important as prices. A sports fan might actually prefer the unlimited DVR space, while a whole family of four might just prioritize the multi-device viewing option. YouTube TV is reportedly expanding its own feature offerings according to its new announcement.

The announcement noted that there will be "add-on options" for users to stream shows in 4K resolution or for them to be able to save the videos in order to view them offline later on. As of the moment, the said YouTube TV base plan actually supports six different individual user accounts as well as up to three simultaneous streams all at once. YouTube, however, notes that the very same 4K add-on will also be supporting "unlimited concurrent streams" that users can access at home.

YouTube TV add ons

The upcoming feature might be quite attractive for maybe larger families or those that actually work together in order to split the total cost of the plan. While everything noted is quite exciting, YouTube still has not shared the total cost of the said package as of the moment.

Gizmodo reportedly reached out to YouTube TV for a comment and a particular spokesperson would then only note the particular perks that would be included as a sort of "add-on option" for the platform's users. Another example of something similar is how Hulu charges $10 a month on top of its base monthly subscription in order to support unlimited streams.

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How much are YouTube TV add ons? 

The timing is also said to be quite unclear and YouTube also did not really have anything more to share when they were reached out for comment. The said features are indeed a welcoming addition to the already nice cable alternative. However, it was noted that pricing will be the ultimate key. YouTube TV's known base package, which would sans any particular premium content through the use of add-ons like Showtime or Starz, already costs a whopping $65 a month in itself.

That's basically the very same cost of a Hulu along with Live TV, however, both are also starting to get quite costly especially if users would go wild along with additional entertainment packages and the premium features. Still, the said 4K streaming push could still sound quite promising. 

This is also true particularly now while people are cooped up indoors. The article by Gizmodo that it might be worth shelling out a few extra bucks monthly for the best streaming service possible to help users get over boredom.

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