'Star Wars: Hunters' Nintendo Switch Game Announced Taking Place Between Episode VI and VII

'Star Wars: Hunters' Nintendo Switch Game Announced Taking Place Between Episode VI and VII
'Star Wars: Hunters' Nintendo Switch Game Announced Taking Place Between Episode VI and VII Photo : Screenshot From Nintendo YouTube

Fans of the star Wars saga should once again buckle up and get ready to head to a galaxy located far, far away, from the comforts of the players living room, to the Nintendo Switch! During a recent highly-anticipated Nintendo Direct, the company had actually announced that a brand new upcoming Star Wars game could be hitting the Switch console some time later this year.

Does Nintendo switch have any Star Wars games? 

The brand new game will be called "Star Wars: Hunters" and it will reportedly be a free-to-play game that would include a lot of ties to the original franchise. About 30 minutes into the said Direct presentation, Nintendo had then revealed the first ever look into the new and upcoming "Star Wars: Hunters".

Although technically there was no gameplay revealed for the said Hungers, the game genre was still announced. "Hunters" will reportedly be a new free-to-play, squad-based arena game. The teaser was uploaded by Nintendo on YouTube for players to check out.

'Star Wars: Hunters' trailer

According to the story reported by ComicBook, there are still not a lot of details found online about the upcoming game in itself, however, the "Star Wars: Hunters" teaser still confirms when in the Star Wars timeline will the game take place. Everything about the "Star Wars: Hunters" game is expected to take place between both Episode VI and Episode VII. 

This means that the game is expected to take place some time after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi as well as a little before Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Of course, this would mean that this game would reportedly take place during the very same timeline as The Mandalorian!

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Confirmation on 'Star Wars: Hunters'

Oh yeah, players shouldn't be too shocked to see other bounty hunters coming from The Mandalorian pop up around the game. While there is also some potential for maybe a few Star Wars characters to make their way and maybe just show up within the game, it still looks like players will have to play as an original and unique character within the arena.

All of the said characters that appear within the holograms in the shown teaser actually belong to both races and creeds of different characters coming from Star Wars. All of them, however, tend to look brand new. Players will be able to see a Wookie, a lightsaber-wielding warrior, and a Mandalorian in the lobby!

There could actually be a good chance that the game might operate kind of like Fortnite, the battle royale game, where players would have to buy as well as earn all sorts of other different skins and weapons for their own characters. This, of course, remains to be seen and can only be confirmed once maybe Nintendo themselves announce the upcoming final details regarding their newly announced "Star Wars: Hunters".


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