How to Use Google Maps Pay for Parking and Train Tickets Feature

How to Use Google Maps Pay for Parking and Train Tickets Feature
How to Use Google Maps Pay for Parking and Train Tickets Feature Photo : Screenshot From Techboomers YouTube

Google Maps users will reportedly allow payments for parking tickets, train and bus tickets with the already simple app itself! This cuts the need for users to use other apps in order to pay for parking.

How to use Google Maps to pay for parking tickets

According to a recent blog post, there will be a number of new tools that will only be available in the US. Google Map users will not only be able to pay for parking tickets but also check the time left on the meter.

This new addition to Google Maps is due to the partnership of the search engine with Passport and ParkMobile. In order to access this feature, Google Maps users need to simply click the "Pay for parking" button that actually pops up near the said destination. Users will reportedly have to enter a said meter number as well as how long they want to park. The simple feature will also allow users to add to how long they want to park should the time almost run out with just a few taps.

How to use Google Maps to pay for train tickets or bus tickets

According to an article by, the parking feature is said to roll out over about 400 cities in the United States including LA, Boston, New York, and even Washington DC. Android users will reportedly be getting the feature first and iOS users will be getting the feature just shortly after. Google has not announced when the feature will be available in other countries.

In other places, Google Maps will also allow its users to pay for their very own public transport inside the app. The company has noted that they are allowing users to pay for transit fares using Google Maps and it will be expanded to just over 80 different transit agencies all across the world.

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More features to follow

Google noted that the inbound feature will allow users to easily plan their trip, buy their fare, and even start riding without having to toggle between a number of different apps. There will also be guides in order to help users pay in advance and even have the fare ready to go before actually arriving at the station. This is noted to be super helpful for those that are not sure which particular payment options do certain transit agencies support.

When the users will get transit directions, they will then easily see the option to either pay with the phone or with the credit or debit cards that are already linked to the particular Google Pay account. For those reportedly in the San Francisco Bay Area, users will be able to buy a digital Clipper card that comes directly from Google Maps. Once the user has purchased their fare, there is no longer need to tap the phone on the reader or even show the digital ticket in order to breeze on board.

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