Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle with 1,000-mile Range Gets 7,000 Preorders—Is it Still Available?

After almost a year since its original reveal and announcement, the Aptera Solar-powered electric vehicle is now available for preorders which would soon come in the market, featuring 1,000 miles of range. The battery's range of this electric vehicle is more than double the miles that a top-of-the-line Tesla Model S Plaid can bring, minus one wheel.

Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle
(Photo : Aptera)

Yes, the Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle only has three wheels in total, and it presents one of the sleekest and futuristic-looking EVs in the market today, one which resembles the initial picture of a hovercar. However, Aptera would still be riding on the ground using wheels, which would be powered by its self-charging batteries using the Sun's power.

There have been electric vehicles that were based on the chassis of a regular vehicle, containing four wheels and the looks of an everyday car design that is widely used by society. However, Aptera's electric vehicles differ from those as the company boldly debuts the almost Batmobile-looking electric vehicle that is finished with sleek angles.

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Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle with 1,000-mile Range Now Available for Preorders

Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle
(Photo : Aptera)

Aptera's electric vehicle prototype was first unleashed last year and has been under production and development throughout the pandemic, with its first batch of preorders now going live. The company's first electric vehicle that is purely solar-powered boasts of a "Never Charge" battery pack that only needs the Sun.

The company boasts of how the electric vehicle's motor can effectively conserve and save energy on its batteries, only using 100Wh of power per mile of its use. The solar electric vehicle's conservative battery paired with Solar Panels effectively makes it assumption and claims of not needing to charge one of the firsts in the industry.

Aptera is now accepting preorders and reservations on their website, that features four mile-range options including:

  • 1,000 miles - $44,900
  • 600 miles - $34,600
  • 400 miles - $29,800
  • 250 miles - $25,900

Along with two options for drivetrains with the All-Wheel Drive at 150 kW that can output a 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and a Front-Wheel Drive at 100 kW that can output a 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds. AWD is an extra $2,500 and an all-around Solar Paneling on the EV would cost an extra $900.

Aptera already has 7,000 Preorders for their 1,000-mile Range EV with Three Wheels

Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle
(Photo : Aptera)

According to Electrek, the company has already reported a massive surge in their preorders which is now at 7,000 reserved customers and counting. Despite the electric vehicle's peculiar design and looks, it still generated enough attention, interest, and buzz to be an anticipated electric vehicle for 2021.

Aptera's three-wheeled 1,000-mile range EV can seat two full-sized adult passengers on the only seats it has inside the cabin. Moreover, Aptera has reportedly gained $ 4 million, in another round of funding from its investors and backers which results to continue the venture and EV production.

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