'Street Fighter 5' Top Tier Characters, Rated: Where Do Urien, Akuma Rate Ahead of Champion Edition Winter Update?

'Street Fighter 5'  Champion Edition Winter Update
Before the arrival of Season 5 and the Winter Update of "Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition," we take a look at the top characters in the game after Season 4. Photo : MESSATSU !/YouTube Screenshot

While it has been long since "Street Fighter 5" had a major shakeup, things will change soon with the upcoming drop of the brand new Champion Edition Winter update.

Before that, however, it's important to look at how the previous "Street Fighter" Season 4 ended up in comparison to the previous one.

Street Fighter 5: Urien and Akuma Top 2

The EventHubs community Street Fighter tiers list for the SF5 has already been quite consistent with its top two for quite a while now, with both Urien and Akuma sitting atop. However, it is worth noting that they end the year with just a 0.2 difference in between them, which means a major shakeup could happen with the upcoming update.

For what it's worth, both Karin and Rashid ruled at the end of Arcade Edition, but the former has significantly dropped to no.9, while the latter is still in the Top 5.

According to the article by EventsHub, not a lot of players thought Poison would be a strong and dominant character within SF5 all the way until iDom's huge Capcom Cup win back in 2019. It's different now, though, as she is at no. 7 with a lot more respect from players.

Birdie, on the other hand, has fallen the farthest since he used to be Top 5 during the end of Season 3. Now, he has barely cracked the Top 20, possessing a very slim lead to the other two characters (R. Mika and Gill) behind him in the tier list. M. Bison and G round out the Top 5 of the latest tiers list.

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Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition Winter Update

A lot has been reported about the "Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition" Winter update, though the most noteworthy is the arrival of two characters in Dan Hibiki and Rose.

According to WCCFTech, Dan's arrival is huge for the game. After all, aside from being able to use his signature taunts that cancels special moves, the character will be the only one that can use a one-bar V-Trigger. For what it's worth, such low cost for a V-Trigger is truly unique since other characters in the game normally needs two to three bars.

With that said, Dan brings a lot of possibilities and mix-ups that can undoubtedly change the tier list.

As for Rose, several details about her skills have been revealed, such as her ability to use tarot cards to make her stronger or her opponents weaker, as well as her time warp and so-called Soul Illusion move.

Aside from the new characters coming in the new update, the most promiment feature that will come is the new mechanic is the V-Shift that will allow the character to attack with the V-Shift Break after an invincible backstep. It's a strong defensive option that should make the tier list even more interesting and some more characters even more powerful.

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