Elon Musk Highlights Faster Starlink Internet Speed as SpaceX Tests Update: Users Report 280 Mbps

Elon Musk provides update on Starlink Internet Speed
Elon Musk announced that users will experience a faster Starlink internet speed after the latest SpaceX update. In fact, a user reports speed of a whopping 280 Mbps. Photo : Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

With the many things that Elon Musk does, it's hard to keep track of what he is doing. After all, it seems like the billionaire does quite a number of things all at once. From Tesla's remarkable success during 2020 despite the pandemic to the company's recent move of investing $1 billion in Bitcoin, it's hard to stay updated of what exactly the business giant is up to.

Now one of his major projects, Starlink, reportedly boost its speed for current users as it tries out a new update.

How Fast Is Starlink's Internet Speed? 

Elon Musk recently announced an update for Starlink on Twitter, revealing that users should experience a boost in internet speed.

With a lot of people inquiring about when Starlink will reach their area or country, Musk is reportedly still expanding its vessel of satellites in outer space to be able to provide fast internet connection for its users.

For the fortunate few who are already testing out Starlink, there haven't been much bad reports regarding the speed. Following the thread of that Tweet, according to Keith Dorschner, the speed of the users Starlink went from 89 Mbps up to 140 Mbps which was a whopping 51 Mbps increase in internet speed.

How Fast Will SpaceX Internet Be? 

Another user commented on the thread showing their internet speed going from 250 Mbps up to 280 Mbps. Although it is only a 30 Mbps upgrade, the main fact that the internet speed was able to reach 30 Mbps is still pretty remarkable.

An article on February 22 by CNBC revealed that Elon Musk announced that the speed will double up to 300 Mbps. Although the speeds weren't really 300 Mbps, with more updates, users might be able to experience this speed through the Starlink internet connection.

SpaceX has previously announced that they believe that Starlink would cost a whopping $10 billion for them to build, but the returns will be at an estimate of $30 billion per year. While Elon Musk's net worth has recently gone down, dropping his title as the richest man in the world, the many plans that the Tesla CEO has over the years should help him be able to get back his title of richest man in the world.

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How Much Will Starlink Internet Cost? 

An earlier article by CNBC notes how the service is expected to cost just $99 per month for Starlink users. While it might be a lot to think about as of the moment with the Starlink internet speed still being established, the price was originally attached for the "initial Starlink service"--which means that the price might be subjected to change when the official Starlink internet service is finally solidified.

As of the moment, the company notes that there are still thousands of Satellites that they expect to send into space in order to create their solid Starlink network.

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