2022 BMW X4 LCI Exterior Boasts Interesting Grille Design--Interior Goes Digital With Updated Steering Wheel!

2022 BMW X4 LCI Exterior Boasts Interesting Grilles Design--Interior Goes Digital With Updated Steering Wheel!
The new BMW X4 LCVI will be getting an exterior boost with an upgraded Grille design, as well as a number of other neat feats. Find out more. Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Most people see a car model and start to conceptualize things to come. However, it seems BMW has different plans for its popular and renowned kidney grille with the 2022 BMW X4 LCI.

2022 BMW X4 LCI LED-Illuminated Grille

BMW is coming out with the latest generation of its popular BMW X6. According to the story by AutoEvolution, the BMW X4 LCI would also be featuring a "larger-than-life" grille that is around somewhere as large as the BMW 4 series. The iconic visual is actually not based on the EV's size but rather the light.

Other unofficial sources actually note that the BMW X6's baby brother will still be getting another version of the teased LED-augmented grille. The grille can be seen significantly bigger than the ones before.

The optional LED-illuminated grille is said to work the best at night.

While the BMW X6 is quite unique in the whole automotive industry with the said feature, the BMW X4 LCI might be a match for it.

For what it's worth, just a little more than a month ago, the people over at AutoEvolution were able to get a chance to take a closer look at the pre-production version of the seemingly refreshed 2022 BMW X4 M. Albeit camouflaged a bit, the publication noted changes on the exterior and interior of the car.

BMW X4 LCI Upgrades

LCI is quite common in the whole BMW world, but for those that aren't familiar, LCI means Life Cycle Impulse. It refers to the same car but with major refresh on a number of visible as well as invisible components. This basically means the same car but with improved visuals and inner workings.

As for its powertrain, Autoevolution noted that it is safe to expect an increase in the number of mild-hybrid engines highlighted by inline-four  and inline-six gasoline and diesel engines. This is said to help in increasing power all while getting an upgrade on the fuel economy side compared to the current BMW X4

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BMW X4 LCI Interior--New Steering Wheel and More!

Aside from the revamped exterior, there are also some key changes to the interior of the BMW X4 LCI. According to a report by Excplica which showed interior photos of the upcoming car, it will have a new digital instrument cluster and new touch screen--both of which will bring a better image quality.

Aside from that, the steering wheel that already boasts multifunction will also get an update. However, no furthere details have been added.

New function keys have also reportedly been added to the transmission tunnel area.

The interior is also expected to get a massive revamp along with the iDrive 7 updated version of its infotainment system. There will also be another fully digital driver's display that is designed to improve the whole atmosphere.

As for the engine, there will be no major changes to its biturbo inline six-cylinder engine.

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