Google Pay Currently Unreviewable on Play Store; Repeats Mistakes of Allo

Google Pay Currently Unreviewable on Play Store; Repeats Mistakes of Allo
Google has been busy in the lab making a new beta version of the Google Pay application. However, the Play Store is not currently letting users review the said app. Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Google had been busy in the lab making a new version of Google Pay, with the new app coming out of beta test this week. It marks the first step in a major upheaval in the Google Pay services

However, the Play Store is not currently letting users review the new Google Pay.

Google Pay Shutting Down?

According to ArsTechnica, the old Google Pay service that has been operating for years is shutting down. The application will end in the U.S. on April 5, and if people want to continue using the new Google Pay, they have to had to download the new application. The NFC tap-in-pay function would not change once someone sets up the new app, but the new Google Pay application will not use the Google account for P2P anymore.

To continue the Google Pay benefits, users will be required to make a new account, and they will not be able to send any money to their contacts until they downloaded the new app and make a new account.

Besides that, the Google Pay website will be stripped off of all payment functions in the U.S. on April 5, and the new Google Pay will not support doing anything on the web. This means that users will not be able to transfer money, view payment methods, and see their respective balance from the browser.

T3 reported that Google discontinuing the old application sparked a flood of grievances, not only because Google is forcing users to switch but also the fact that  the new Google Pay app has a plethora of functionality issues.

In the new Google Pay, the company is less concerned with the unremarkable territory of secure card transactions through NFC, opting for what it thinks users need and removing some of the most robust features of this predecessor that users enjoyed using on Android phones.

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Currently, Google is rolling out emails to users detailing the changes in the new Google Pay app: NFC contactless functionality will be virtually the same, but Google will compel users to create a fresh account, leaving behind user's existing Google account P2P payments.

It is a significant loss to people who used the web-based service, especially those who prefer to use one of the best laptop models and make profits online. As a result of these planned changes to the user's account, it also means that a lengthy explanation to friends and family around the new Google Pay application, long-winded conversations over the subsequent loss of functionality, and articulating how those impacts previously held payment setups on user's Android devices are needed.

Google Pay Currently Unreviewable on the Play Store

9to5Google reported that Google Pay is currently unreviewable at the Play Store. The publication believes that this is most likely a bug as the capability is available through on either mobile or desktop browsers.

The Google Pay issue could be the reason that company is already transitioning from early access to a stable release, though the ability to leave "Private feedback" is usually available.

The new Google Pay, which is available in India, Singapore and the U.S., currently has a 3.8/5 rating based on 4,094 reviews. The majority is 5 stars, with 1-star reviews being the next largest continent. Some users do not like the one-device nature, while the peer-to-peer capabilities have been criticized for being weak. Others also do not enjoy the pseudo-social messaging component of the revamped experience.

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