Google Might Remove Millions Of Apps From The Play Store

Search giant Google will remove millions of apps of its Play Store, given the fact that all of these are the ones with questionable privacy policies that could easily affect the users. Naturally, what might be seen as a really controversial move from the tech company, is actually made to solve one of the main issues that people are suffering right now.

Google Will Get Rid Of Apps That Don´t Meet Its Terms Of User Data Policy

Apparently these apps are usually called zombie apps, and are characterized for taking the form of a knock-off of a sloppy utility or popular game that don't have anything to do with its description, and they strategically turn up alongside legitimate apps, which make them really hard to notice if you´re not paying too much attention of reviews while you shop. As you might see, Google is getting rid of really annoying apps.

Naturally, these apps don't meet the terms of Google´s User Data Policy, and the search giant will cut a whole heap of them with notices that will be sent out to app developers around the world. In fact, the message has been sent to the developers whose apps request "sensitive permissions", but don´t have the correspondent privacy policy. Of course, the notice asked that a link to this kind of policy must be provided in the Store Listing page, as well as in the app itself, or in the other hand, that the app-maker eliminates these permissions from the app altogether.

Google´s Stance On The Zombie Apps Is Really Serious

Actually, Google gave the developers the chance of complying with this request until March 15, at which point the search giant will limit visibility of the zombie apps, or just remove them altogether. This would mean the death of millions of apps that haven't seen any sign of development in many years, showing Google´s strong stance on this particular issue, given the fact that the Play Store is littered with apps of questionable repute, and some of them have been under Google´s radar for too long.

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