Riot Disables 'League of Legends' Pro Accounts--Unfair LP Gains Over Regular Players Discovered

Riot Disables League of Legends Pro Accounts-- Unfair LP Gains Over Regular Players Discovered
Riot is now disabling professional accounts in "League of Legends," and for a good reason. Photo : Getty Images/Getty Images

Riot is decided to disable "League of Legends" professional accounts because of their unfair LP advantages compared to regular players in solo queues. The popular game publisher said that it will give out replacements for the accounts to fix the current MMR issues.

Riot Disables League of Legends Pro Accounts-- Unfair LP Gains Over Regular Players Discovered
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @MarkYetter)
Riot Disables League of Legends Pro Accounts-- Unfair LP Gains Over Regular Players Discovered

Mark Yetter, also known as Scruffy, is the one confirmed Riot's latest plan.
"Update on the riot granted accounts that we give to pros moving to new regions," said Yetter via his official Twitter account.

"The accounts made in 2021 had an MMR issue giving them unfair gains (too high) compared to the rest of the ladder. We're disabling these accounts and giving fresh ones (with correct MMR)," added the gameplay design director of "League of Legends."

Yetter's latest tweet includes a screenshot that states the game publisher's plan. Riot said that it will disable all-pro player accounts after Jan. 7.

Other Details Regarding Riot's Account Disabling

According to Dot Esports' latest report, the professional "League of Legends" accounts made before Jan. 7 are affected. This means that the accounts of SKT Faker, Tyler1, Doublelift, Bjergsen, Caps, and other long-time players won't have their accounts disabled.

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On the other hand, Riot confirmed that it will give new accounts to the affected pro players. These accounts will have fixes made to the starting MMR. The game publisher explained that its current action will prevent "League of Legends" professional players to take advantage of regular players through ranked play for dozens of games before they can reach Master and other divisions.

Why Pro Players Have an MMR Advantage? 

Previously, Riot is allowing pro accounts to start at Diamond MMR. This means that they would not start at the Bronze division. On the other hand, regular accounts always start at the bottom. This means that they have to start without a rank division. 

They have to win every game they play in normal to be qualified in ranked games. After that, they also need to win every rank game in order for them to increase their division standing. If you are a "League of Legends" player, you will know how hard it is to win a match in the Bronze and Silver divisions.  

Riot decided to disable professional accounts after it noticed that these professional players are on the top-ranked accounts even though they didn't have great winrates. Once Riot completes the replacement of pro accounts, it will also help the professional players to make extra efforts to reach the needed required rank divisions to play in tournaments. 

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