AMD 3rd Gen Epyc Milan Specs, Release Date, Benchmark Confirmed-Is It Better Than Other Processors?

AMD 3rd Gen Epyc Milan Specs, Release Date, Benchmark Confirmed—Is It Better Than Other Processors?
AMD's third-generation EPYC CPU, codenamed "Milan," is officially launching next week, March 15. Photo : WccftechTV/Youtube Screenshot

AMD's third-generation EPYC CPU, codenamed "Milan," is officially launching next week on March 15. The launch will be hosted digitally, featuring presentations by the company's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, and other numerous Senior members of AMD.

AMD Launching EPYC Milan Third-Gen CPU Next Week

Wccftech reported that AMD will host a worldwide digital launch for its latest AMD third-gen EPYC Milan CPU on March 15 at 8 AM P. T. / 11 AM E. T.

Aide  from Dr. Su, the launch event will also feature Executive Vice President of Technology, Engineering and CTO Mark Papermaster; Senior Vice Presidentand General Manager, Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Business Group Forrest Norrod; Senior Vice President and General Manager Server Business Unit Dan McNamara, as well as appearances by industry-leading data center partners and customers.

The AMD third-gen EPYC Milan CPU family will be the last processor of the lineup to be featured on the SP3 socket platform. With that said, the company wants to make a final release for the grander platform than ever with AMD's previous releases. The third-generation core-powered EPYC Milan processor is reprtedly going to crush everything the competition has to offer, including Intel's next-generation Ice Lake-SP Xeon lineup.

AMD Third-Gen EPYC Milan CPU Features

AnandTech predicts that the AMD Third-Gen EPYC Milan CPU features might have at least 19 SKUs, as these processors will be based on TSMCs 7nm process node and will be powered by the third-generation core architecture. The lineup will feature 64 cores, 280 TDPs, and increased clocks faster than the second-generation EPYC Rome lineup.

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The AMD Third-Gen EPYC Milan processor will also offer up to 128 PCIe lanes, eight-channel memory, and dual-socket configurations. If the desktop third-generation-based processor is any measure, +19 percent IPC generational gains are also expected with the new processor.

A leaker named Benchleaks provided information on Twitter about what AMD Third-Gen EPYC Milan has under the hood. According to the source, the processor might feature minimum speeds of 3694MHz, while maximum and average speeds of 3694MHz and 3697MHz, respectively.

Gamers have questions on the exact performance, frequencies and efficiency, but the launch date should showcase all the product specifications. However, that will not be a long wait for the CPU to have an official release date in the future.

At CES this year, AMD briefly previewed its third-generation EPYC Milan CPU's performance when it compared it against an Intel Xeon part. The company used dual unnamed 32-core EPYC Milan CPUs and pitted them against dual Intel Xeon Gold 6258R processors. A six-hour simulation showed that the AMD Third-Gen EPYC Milan processor was 46 percent faster in dual-socket compute in the first-party demo. Later, viewers were shown a single-socket comparison, during which it showed a 68 percent performance difference.

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