BattleBots 2020 Championship: End Game Takes Giant Nut, Valkyrie Is Most Destructive

BattleBots 2020 Championship: End Game Is the Giant Nut Trophy Taker, Valkyrie Takes Most Destructive!
BattleBots 2020 has concluded its 2020 season and crowned End Game as its new champion, but Valkyrie took a new name! Photo : BattleBots/Screenshot from Official Website

Battlebots has recently concluded its 2020 Championship that pitted various popular robots and their teams against each other, particularly in the prestigious Giant Nut series that crowned the ultimate fighter bot.

The Giant Nut is an iconic trophy in BattleBots and the machine history, as it features the essential part that tightens and puts bolts together.

The euphemism of the Giant Nut as an award and series in the BattleBots competition signifies the robust abilities and skills of both the robot and the team that have participated and prevailed in the competition. Particularly, team Whiplash and their yellow forklift-looking bot has bagged the Giant Nut for the 2020 series.

However, awards did not end there, as several special mentions and categories have also crowned their winners for this Championship. In this series, Valkyrie has portrayed one of the most remarkable performances in Battlebots history, bagging the "Most Destructive" award that toppled its enemies.

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BattleBots 2020 Champion: End Game

People may have thought that these kinds of championships and game series are dedicated to the fictional community only, but this is where they are mistaken, especially as BattleBots is already a massive franchise. BattleBots has been around since the year 2000, bringing a reality competition series that pits together remote-controlled bots that overpowers one another.

With that being said, End Game took the title and the Giant Nut for this season, overpowering Whiplash along with its sleek-looking robot.

Whiplash is the "Lifter" of the competition from Jeff Vasquez, as the robot's main architecture focuses on massive skills like lifting, speed and overpowering opponents. On the other hand, Endgame had long been the favorite in the competition, aloong with Bloodspot who failed to make it to the Final 8.

End Game's main trait is its bar spinner in the middle and armor that gives it both offense and defense, making it one of the toughest BattleBots to defeat.

BattleBots 2020: Valkyrie Bags Most Destructive Award

While these teams have not cracked the championship title match and went against the big leagues of the competition, they have surely captured a special place in fans' and enthusiasts' hearts, along with judges. The most notable one for this is Valkyrie's team, which bagged the Most Destructive Award, reflecting its explosive performance within the competition.

On the other hand, BattleBots 2020 have named other special awards for other robots, with Skorpios taking home the Founders Award, Rusty as the Rookie Robot of the Year, and lastly Chomp with the "Grant Imahara" Award for Best Design. The competition has drawn its end and conclusion, but these robot teams would surely have a spot in BattleBots' Hall of Fame.

Editor's Note: The first version of this article incorrectly stated that Whiplash won the competition. It has since been edited to reflect the final results. Whiplash defeated Hydra in the quarterfinals before eventually moving on to the finale against End Game.

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