'Minecraft' Players Alert: New Consultant Job Pays Up to $70 Per Hour!

'Minecraft' Players Alert: New Consultant Job Pays Up to $70 Per Hour!
A new job opportunity in Minecraft just popped up looking for a virtual gardening consultant. Find out more about the job. Photo : Typface/YouTube Screenshot

Over 125 million players have spent numerous hours just playing what is known to be one of the most popular games of today, Minecraft.

The massive gaming world of Minecraft has even spawned a job that could help a player make a hefty $70 per hour by putting their experience into good use. This is by becoming a virtual gardening consultant

Minecraft Gardening Service

WhatShed, a particular British website that does reviews on both sheds and gardens, is now officially launching a "Minecraft gardening service" which, according to the article by KMPH, is the first ever time in the world that this has happened. What's even more exciting is that it seems like their team isn't full yet and a recent job posting on their site could be very exciting for professional Minecraft gardeners.

The company is reportedly on the search for "Minecraft" players that dream of being able to accomplish a perfect in-game universe but are still unsure how to design their very own outdoor havens. The whole job is a consultant offering their expertise for players seeking to achieve gardening excellence while still sticking towards the in-game currency "Minecoin" budget that the player has.

Minecraft Virtual Gardening Consultant Position

While the site looks for those that want their Minecraft gardens to be improved, it is also searching for professional consultants that can set up their very own rates. The services range across different price points goes as high as $70 per hour!

The job description went into details of what they are looking for in their Minecraft Gardening consultants.


  • Should be able to evaluate the client's current setup in order to provide creative feedback

  • Should provide suggested setups that work within the client's budget

  • Explain the reason for choosing those setups

  • Should create a number of designs for every client that desires a redesign some time in the future.

Key skills

  • Has a strong sense of communication

  • Has a good working knowledge of Minecraft itself

  • Works with a creative flare

  • Is good with remote working

  • Although not essential, having actual experience in landscape gardening is actually beneficial

  • Applicant should have a passion for gardening and the outdoors in general


  • Will get paid to play Minecraft

  • Will be able to gain valuable experience just talking to clients and experimenting with different styles

  • Can work remotely

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For a game which had its first version created in just six days, according to MentalFloss, the success of the game has been able to create a living for a number of players through streaming and other means. The developer himself, Markus Persson, has been able to amass a wealth of $2.5 billion after selling the game to Microsoft, according to an article by Forbes.

With the new Minecraft virtual consultant job opportunity, Minecraft players might be getting a gateway into even more job opportunities within the game itself.

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