Nintendo Switch Release Date, Specs, and Other Features: Improved Console Coming in 2022? [RUMOR]

Nintendo Switch Release Date, Specs, and Other Features: Improved Console Coming in 2022? [RUMOR]
Recent speculations claim that the announced new and improved Nintendo Switch will have an earlier release date. Photo : Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The Nintendo Switch is an undeniable success, with its revolutionary gaming features that let players play wherever and connect to a television with the help of its dock. Even after four years since its release, it is still selling well in the market, competing against big gaming console companies such as Xbox and PlayStation.

In the past months, the Nintendo Switch has been surrounded by rumors of its upcoming features, since the company announced that it will have a major overhaul of its gaming console. One recent speculation claims that the new Switch console would have an early launch.

Nintendo Switch 2022 Release

TechRadar has received word that Nintendo is currently working on an updated Switch console with a 7-inch OLED display screen and a 4K output feature. It is believed that Nintendo is planning to release the new and improved console before March 2022, right before its fiscal year ends.

The company is also expecting for the sales of the Switch console to be slightly much higher in their fiscal year, and the introduction of the Nintendo Switch Pro might help with that problem.

Also, Nintendo is planning to release marquee games that are expected to drive software sales next fiscal year to 250 million units, far more than the record of 205 million units forecast for the current year according to partners and suppliers.

This means that there will be huge game titles coming to the Nintendo Switch in the second half of 2021. Looking at the Japan-based company's upcoming game release titles for 2021, "Mario Golf," revamped "Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword," and "Splatoon 3" are games that first come to mind. However, the second half of the year is the holiday season when people are spending more money on sales and promos, so Nintendo may be planning on something big to catch up to its annual game sales.

For what it's worth, the company makes the biggest blockbuster games on its platform, contributing significantly to profit and spur hardware adoption.

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With that said, Nintendo can still surprise its vast gaming community in the second part of the year as their plans are still in the air. Meanwhile, the release of a Nintendo Switch Pro and a revised Nintendo Switch will not replace the old model, but will only upgrade to something better. Click on the video below for the full scoop of the Nintendo Switch report.

Nintendo Switch Pro Features Gamers Want

Tom's Guide reported that the current Nintendo Switch is not perfect and lacks hardware features, a small display screen, little memory capacity, and controllers. Gamers would want the following suggestions to be improved or removed for the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro in 2022.

The upcoming Nintendo Switch may want to resolve their Joy-Cons that has plagued gamers for four years. The Joy-Con is typically small in hand, resulting in players accidentally dropping the controller in the most crucial times in competitive games. Also, the Joy-Cons feels cheap, as the railing that slides onto the console itself are too flimsy and the buttons are not too clicky enough to be considered a premium controller.

The Nintendo Switch Pro should also have a 4K display feature when played in portable mode. The current Switch console can support a 4K display, but players have to attach the console on the dock to the TV screen.

And finally, fans have been clamoring for a much bigger display for the portable mode and a secured stand, which the recent consoles suffers from only one kickstand on the side.

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