'Genshin Impact' 1.4 Venti Banner: 4-Star Characters and How to Increase Your Chance of Getting Venti

"Genshin Impact" is bringing back a massive banner for a limited time only, and it guarantees the popular character known as "Venti" to make its way for a Banner Draw and receive his 5-star version.

The popular ranged character is going up for grabs in the platform, featuring its Anemo Catalyst weapon making him almost seem like an archer.

(Photo : Genshin Impact via YouTube Screenshot)

Venti is not an archer, rather, is a bard (bow) that plays a small harp-looking instrument that shoots projectiles powerful enough to fulfill his role as a support, but also carry himself or a team to victory. The character is making its return on "Genshin Impact" Version 1.4, which is part of the regular six-week update of the game to bring massive updates and new content.

miHoYo is debuting the character back for a small price to pay with Primogems, meaning that Venti would not be a heavy purchase in the game, particularly in the "Venti Banner" event that makes the five-star character available. Moreover, Venti is accompanied by Childe, also a five-star character.

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'Genshin Impact': Venti Banner Guide

(Photo : Genshin Impact via YouTube Screenshot)

According to Inverse, apart from the debut of new characters from the version 1.4 update, "Genshin Impact" is also allowing players to get a chance to receive Venti at a minimum price and not having to pay premium for it. Additionally, a Venti Banner draw event will be available from March 17 (right when the update is already finished) and conclude on April 6, at 3 p.m. Eastern Time (12NN Pacific Time).

How to Increase Chances

"Genshin Impact" features a "Gacha" system, which is a lottery draw from a pool of prizes, using the in-game currency known as "Primogems" that are gathered by playing the game and completing challenges. In addition to that, Venti will be in the exclusive "Venti Banner," which only pools a five-star character up for grabs.

miHoYo is increasing the chances of success for players to get Venti from the Banner event, but it would take people 90 draws to get the character at an increased 50 percent chance of appearing. Users would have to spend a handful of Primogems for this, and if that is not enough, players would need to spend real-world money to buy more of the in-game currency.

Pity System for Venti Banner

The Pity System now allow the gamers to get Venti for 90 draws on its Wishes and Banner system, and it means that if users have not received Venti for the first 90, the second 90 is a guaranteed draw (total of 180).

Venti is joined by Childe, along with three other four-star characters:

  • Razor - Electro Claymore
  • Noelle - Anemo Catalyst
  • Sucrose - Geo Claymore

"Genshin Impact" players will have to up their "Wishes" to successfully draw Venti or Childe in the game, and getting Venti is worth it, as he is one of the highest-ranked characters in the game.

If a player has participated in the previous event Banner, their progress will be carried over here (ex. previous event Banner wish accumulated 60, players only need 30 wishes for an increased chance for Venti).

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